💔💔HEARTBREAK In Imo As Unknown Gunmen Storm Community, Kill 3 People At A Junction


The community of Umulogho Obowo, in Obowo Local Government Area of Imo State, currently mourns after unknown gunmen struck in the area, killing at least three persons.


The gunmen had arrived at Neokeisima junction in the area, firing shots indiscriminately at around 7: 50 pm. Residents who were at the scene were immediately sent running helter- skelter.

A Facebook user, Nwata Libe Aku, had posted images from the scene of the incident online. The spokesman for the police command, Michael Abattam, promised to investigate the incident, as he was yet to get any report.


You can read below how people online have reacted to the sad development:

@Anonymous: Many Nigerians are the problem of this nation. Time and time again have shown many Nigerians can’ t think correctly, I am ashamed of the people living in that country; only a microscopic few have good heads on their shoulders.


When did it become the duty of individuals and residents to protect themselves? some hoodlums attack innocent people instead of you calling security forces that are primarily responsible to secure lives you are playing tribal politics.

Let the security forces do their diligence and start arresting groups or any individual killing people and stop this cynical tantrum of heaping blames on the helpless just because you are temporarily safe.


I keep saying this, as long as Nigerians keep playing tribal sentiments, it is only a matter of time it will get to everyone. Hoodlums, charlatans, armed robbers, bandits, and kidnappers are getting bolder, but people choose to play ostrich and keep pandering to primordial tribal sentiments

@Standwiththetruthallways: When will these unknown gunmen be known for Christ sake? This banditry and kidnapping have exposed the Nigerian security apparatus. A lot of money goes in for them yet no results.


How can armed bandits/armed robbers carry a more sophisticated weapon than the Nigerian security men? How do they get those weapons into Nigeria in the first place? I see a conspiracy theory here. We’ re doomed in Nigeria, only God can help us get out of it with these types of our leaders without conscience at all.

@Oskirin: No, they are Fulani herdsmen. . . you’ ve not seen anything. Creating terrorists because of hate for PMB. It will finally consume them like Boko Haram is doing to the north.


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Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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