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😡IMO PEOPLE ARE ANGRY! See The Shocking Thing The Did To ESN Commander Enforcing Sit-At-Home Order Yesterday


A man suspected of being a commander of the banned Eastern Security Network (ESN) was lynched in Imo State on September 20, 2021, while attempting to carry out the Indigenous People of Biafra’ s sit- at- home order.

IPOB’ s pro- Biafra group movement has a security branch called ESN.


The person was beaten to death before officers arrived, according to a police statement.

According to the Nigerian News Agency, the dead was Obinwanne Iwu, 34, from Ahiara in the state’ s Ahiazu Mbaise Local Government Area.

Mike Abattam, the Imo police spokesperson, described the incident in a statement.


” Obinwanne Iwu, 34, an escapee from Owerri’ s Imo Correctional Centre, went to the market with his gang, attempting to carry out the terror group’ s forbidden sit- at- home command.

” They were yelling at the top of their lungs, ‘ Today is Monday, and everyone must sit at home! ‘ ”


Residents in the neighborhood were upset and opposed the group, grabbing Mr. Iwu, according to Mr. Abattam, a police chief superintendent. The crowd tied his hands behind his back and beat him to death as others fled.

According to the police, no one has been arrested as a result of the event.

The Biafra movement, led by IPOB, has recently resulted in deaths and property damage in the south- east. Imo is the focal point of IPOB’ s operations in the south- east.


People were tired of IPOB and its actions in the south- east region, hence the commander was lynched.

IPOB received widespread support at first, but its latest operations have been anti- people. On Mondays, people are tired of sitting at home.

The incident also demonstrates that the people of the South East are fed up with IPOB’ s call for self- determination. Other secessionist agitators should take note of this incident and refrain from pressuring people to join their causes.


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