1 Bag Of Rice Is No Longer N35000, See The New Price In Nigeria

As the festive season of Christmas is fast approaching, the demand for rice would be on the increase. But currently the price of rice might be an agent of disappointment to many. During the lockdown period the prices of commodities skyrocketed massively and it greatly affected both the government and the people.

Rice has suddenly become scarce in many homes due to the inability to meet up to the current price tagged on it. But as expected the price of rice should possibly fall during this period an this is because there will be high competition in markets in other to stimulate sales,so therefore the prices are expected to fall.

Below are the current prices varying from place to place;

  1. Rice (50kg) at Maitagari Market,Jigawa-N20000(imported)

  2. Rice(50kg) at Anchau market,Kaduna-N24000(local)

  3. Rice(50kg) at Gboko main market,Benue-N17500(local)

  4. Rice(50kg) at mile 12 market, Lagos-N28000(imported)

  5. Rice (50kg) at Ninth mile market, Enugu-N28000(local)

  6. Rice(50kg) at Ughelli main market-N30000(local)

  7. Rice(50kg) at Umuahia main market, Abia-N21000(local)

Note: The prices might differ from place to place due to some certain factors, but it is important to note that the prices may lie between the ranges above.

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