1 Thing Men Now Wear To Church That Are Not Proper Yet Becoming Popular

When people are going to their offices, they dress cooperate. Even students dare not to enter their schools anyhow, because there is a law guiding the school. Dressing is one thing that matters everywhere, but sadly, it is being taken for granted gradually in the church of God.

It is becoming common amongst men to put on slippers to church. How would you say you are going to meet with God, and you wear a pair of slippers? This does not seem right, and it is obviously not right at all. You would certainly not have an appointment with the president of Nigeria, and go to him with a pair of slippers. How much God?

Funny enough, you see some ushers and choristers who have no dress code, ushering and ministering to people while putting their slippers on. Just imagine a receptionist attending to you with a pair of slippers, or a businessman proposing an idea to you in a pair of slippers. This thing does not feel normal, but it is what is trending in the church today.

In fact, some men will put on a shirt and trouser, and complete it with a pair of slippers. And you begin to wonder what the problem is. People no longer accord respect to God, and you find some ladies too doing the same. Mind you, it is not because they do not have money to buy good covered shoes or sandals, it is just that they want to follow the trend. This is not a good trend in the household of God.

Also, there are some men who no longer care about what they wear to the church. You see them put on nice dresses to work, but they come to the church with anything because it is the church, and nobody will rebuke them.

Please, try to put on something nice to church.


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