10 Incredible Fruits And Vegetables That Can Kill Cancer Cells In The Body

Cancer is sadly a predominant disease condition all over the world.The most pathetic part of it is that,it has no specific cause.Unlike HIV/AIDs, Hepatitis and other communicable diseases, cancer can not be transferred from one person to another.

Cancer occurs as a result of of proliferation of body cells.This then lead to an abnormal cell cell increase in a the cells of a particular organ.

Organs affected by cancer Include the mammary gland,the prostate gland,the uterus,the liver, kidneys, Lungs,colon, rectum, skin, stomach, pancreas,spleen etc.

When a particular organ is cancerous, early detection can save the individual with the right food, treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation and total removal of the organ would assist in saving the life of such individual.This is what is called Stage 1.

What the above means is that,if the individual is diagnosed with the condition when it is in the first stage,the chance of survival is very high.

Take for example,a lady who has cancer of the mammary gland.If it is detected early,the mammary gland can be cut off.This would save such person from palliative care.

When cancer is already at stage 4, nothing else can be done.This is because,the cancer cells must have moved to another part of the body, making it difficult to completely kill the affected cells.

So readers, you see why you have to go for health screening constantly to know whether there’s any abnormal changes in your body.

Now, talking about Fruits and vegetables that help kill the cancer cells.The truth is, most often atimes, killing or shrinking of cancerous cells is only achievable in the early stages,the cells can’t get killed at advanced stage.

Fruits like ginger, tomatoes, garlic and the rest can only work in two ways when it comes to Cancer.Either helps to prevent Cancer by Eradicating free radicals in the cells or by shrinking the cancer cells in EARLY STAGE.

This article will help you to know those Fruits that if you Consume regularly can assist in reducing your risk for cancer and can shrink the cancer cells in its early stage.

These Fruits are:







*Cocoyam (Tuber)




The above Fruits have so many important things they do to the body.But this article just focuses on their ability to fight against cancer cells.

These Fruits all contain nutrients inform of chemicals that counteract the effect of free radicals causing the tumour.

When these Fruits are Consumed on a daily basis, they’re scientifically proven to be of great help in combating cancerous tumour.

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