10 Keys To Avoid Marrying The Wrong Person

Marriage is the second most significant decision in the world. The person you marry will decide how happy you are, how successful you are, and how long you live on earth. This could also decide your final goal.

  1. Courtship: Courtship is the chance to meet each other before marriage. Courtship is half-dating, not dating. It’s time for decision taking. A man or a woman you ‘re not going to court, you ‘re not going to know. It’s time to develop trust and harmony. Compatibility is very critical when selecting a life partner.”Two can’t work together until they agree,” if you marry a partner who isn’t compatible with you, you need a lot of time to make things work.

When you have a house of error, you will have the children of error.


  1. Do not be too desperate/ Anxious:A desperate person would still sell himself cheaply.

When you are stressed or nervous, you get the wrong answer more often than not. Have you found that every time you show too much interest in a particular item in this part of the world, in most cases, the seller takes advantage of you?

That’s how the relationship works, when you’re desperate, the other person takes advantage of you:

Note, every desperate person has something to hide from him. And they’re trying to do something before the true truth comes out.


  1. Don’t engage in sex before marriage

“The union is just respectable, but the bed is undefiled.”‘ If you’ve been involved in it before you know the facts, you can always make amends by avoiding it and waiting before you get married, if he / she loves you and wishes you well, they’ll wait.

4.Make sure that he / she knows God

Any person who has no respect for God will have no respect for you. When he / she can not honor His Father, you will not be respected either.

  1. Marry your best friend

Marry for love, not money, not beauty, not place, etc. Somebody you can’t speak to about problems, laugh about problems, taunt each other isn’t the best partner for you. Marry someone you can say your hurt, your pain, your emotions, and speak to.

6.Be sure it is love and not infatuation: love is a desire to take care of and be with someone no matter what the other person does or does not do. Loving is a decision, not a feeling.

“Love does not wrong to one’s neighbor, love endures for a long time, love is good, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, does not try its own, does not think evil.”

  1. Forget about Age

Loving is the thing that’s going to stay, while all things are gone.

Whenever you are in a relationship, and the person is still deciding on his or her own, the person is not in love.

Consciousness of your age will make you marry the wrong person more often than not. Every decision you make in a rush could end up with the wrong partner.

Don’t be in a rush to make a decision because of your age.

8.Be the right spouse: you must be the right person to attract the right person first. Make sure that you are the right spouse to the right guy.

This is very important; God is a faithful and just God. He will not bring a faithful man and offer to an unprepared and unfaithful woman, and vice versa.

Are you self-centered, you fight and argue, and you’re full of yourself? Do you think marriage will come first or do you want to focus on yourself?

Is your sights fixed on your honeymoon and the celebration? You might be cheating on yourself.

That’s not all that marriage entails, there are problems that come with marriage. Focus on yourself to be a good partner

  1. Research how SHE or he handles others

The way a person treats those around them is an example of how you will be handled sooner or later.You can easily know a person from the way he or she treats people around them who have nothing to offer back.

When you’re dating a man who’s screaming at his driver because he’s charging him, the moment you become his wife, he ‘s going to do the same to you as it seems he’s screaming at everyone under his authority.

Research how they treat their parents and their siblings. You ‘re likely to be handled the same way.

10.You must know the character / temperament of the person.

Temperament is the basic framework that you were built with. God has produced people with certain characteristics, natural strengths and weaknesses.

Temperament is God’s way of establishing diversity. Many people are born with a inclination to leadership or joviality. Others are born with a natural propensity to withdraw and introvert.

When you know that a person is from the beginning, you can know whether or not you will flow with a person.

There are people who like going out, if you’re an indoor person, you have to be ready to make a sacrifice for him or her when they ask for your attention in that area. Character, on the other hand, is the personality of a person that is influenced by the forces of his / her life, character is the product of personality

In addition to other factors.

Identifying a person’s personality will allow you to know the right person and know the strength of the person that will serve to balance your weakness …

I ‘m hoping that you won’t miss it.

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