10 Signs That A Lady Is Not Interested In You

When a lady loves you she can’t hide it from you because her body language would speak for itself.

The case is the same when she don’t love you her body language would still speak for itself.

It is now left for you to do the right thing, that is to leave her alone and look for another woman that would like you for what you are.

The trurh is that you can never make a person that don’t love you to love you however nice you are. Here are the10 signs that a lady is not interested in you.

  1. She Doesn’t reply your messages: One of the ways you would know whether a girl like you or not is when she is not replying your messages or even if she reply it always comes too late.

  2. She gives you One word answer: When a girl always texts you like Ok or Fine without adding any little explanation to it, is a sign of showing no interest in you because women like to express their feelings to the man they love in text messages.

  3. She flakes on plans: This happens whenever you arranged with her to go out she would later unilaterally cancels the arrangement, even when she cannot justify her action.

  4. She see you as a Substitute person: When a girl takes you as a substitute man, she would only be with you when she has no one to be with.

But if she has another person to keep her company you would never see her. That means she don’t love.

  1. She calls you a friend: If a girl don’t love you she would be calling you a friend.

She would not even want to introduce you to her friends or family as her lover. Instead she introduce you as a friend or even classmate.

  1. She hate to be close to you: When a girl don’t love a man she would not like him to come close to her. If the man try to move close to her she would move back.

If the man keep coming close to her she would frankly tell him to stop.

  1. When you are hot she become cool: Anytime you want to talk to her about how much you love her, she would quickly change the topic. That is a sign that she is not into you.

  2. She Never initiated contact: When you are the person that always call or text her first.

Anytime you don’t call or text her she would never try to find out why she didn’t hear from you. When this happen it means she don’t love you.

  1. She cut eye contact when you are close to her: Any woman that loves you would enjoy making eye contact with you.

If she hate having eye contact with you especially when you come together that means she don’t like you.

  1. She don’t care about you: When a woman don’t love you she wouldn’t take your pain as her pain.

She wouldn’t be concern about your struggles. She would not even want to be with members of your family.

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