10 Signs Someone Is Possessed By Evil Spirits




There are so many people out there who do not know when someone is Possessed. You could see someone behaving in a certain way but not know what the case is, you’ve probably have gone to all the best hospitals but the doctors keep telling you that they can’t find anything.

There is always a second guess to these kind of situations, when something cannot be rectified physically then it must be rectified spiritually. That’s when you’ll have to involve your pastors and your church members because you know that God is always and forever stronger than any bondage and any human medicine.

However, there are some factors that one can use to determine almost immediately when one is Possessed by evil spirits. They usually tend to exhibit some erratic and disgusting behavior as a result of the entity that has taken hold on them. Here are some of the characteristics;





Spiritual Capabilities

These people now have access to the spiritual realm, they most definitely have the power to manipulate and torment people on a spiritual level, entering their dreams and also making unwanted changes in the lives of the people they want to torment.

Superhuman Strength

Once a person can carry or push things that even muscular men have little or no potential of pushing, that could be a sign of demonic control. Only demons have super human powers. You’ll also find out that they could lift objects without even touching them.

Different Languages

These people who have been Possessed now have the ability to speak in languages that people cannot comprehend.

Unnatural Body Movements

People who are possessed would most definitely be restless, their body movement would be very unnatural and Surprising. They do not move like normal human beings but instead, exhibit erratic and shocking behaviours.


People who are under demonic influence usually tend to insult a lot. They throw tantrums when it is not necessary, they see everything as a menace and would most definitely not cease in calling unprintable names.


They begin to say things against God and Jesus. Questioning the authority of God and also speaking Ill against the Creator is also a sign of a demonic influence.

Fast Healing.

A normal human being usually takes some time before he/she heals after an injury. The platelets have to create a clot to cover the injury and then the process of healing begins. But once the wound disappears almost as fast as it appeared, then this could be termed as demonic and unnatural.

Leading a Wicked Life

No doubt, demons are wicked creatures in themselves. Once someone is overly wicked and doesn’t even show any signs of empathy or remorse for all the evil deeds he/ she has perpetrated, then there must be an internal influence that’s causing such mindless behavior.


People who are under the influence of demons usually tend to live as though they have no laws guiding them. They live their lives the way they want with little or no care for the things or people they come across.

Vomiting Strange Objects

No doubt, it would be very dumbfounding to see someone vomiting something very strange. I once came across someone who vomited a needle, it was extremely shocking . Once you see something like this happening, make sure to get on your knees and pray for the person.

Selling His/Her Soul

A sure sign of being under the influence of demons is seeing someone or yourself signing a contract with the devil. The devil is the most wicked and selfish person in the whole universe, he would never give you anything for free, that’s why he’ll always request for that things which is most dearest to you in exchange for money and fame, it could be your soul or the lives of your family members.

Spiritual Attacks

Having spiritual Attacks is abnormal. You see yourself clawing and waking up to scratches. Make sure to see a pastor or some church leaders to help you or whoever is experiencing such.


You often find such people feeling down and out. They’re tired of living and want to end their lives as quickly as possible.


Demons have never been portrayed as calm beings. They’re vile, violent and disgusting. Exhuming hate and rage, all from the nasty pit of hell.

Animal Behavior

Some people who are possessed usually tend to make animal like sounds, you could hear them sounding like Crows or some other kinds of birds most especially at night.

If you have seen some or all of these being exhibited by someone, then it’s about time you took things into the hands of God. You can only fight spiritual battles with spiritual weapons. Do not wait till the person jumps off a cliff before you realize it’s too late.

Guard yourself, protest your mind from unwarranted Information. You don’t have to feed your hearts and minds with everything you see or hear. Remember that not everything deserves your time and attention, only God.

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