10 Things Men Finds Most Attractive In Women

10 Things Men Finds most Attractive in Women

While most women believe they can attract men through dressing, make-ups and body language, others thinks men finds physical appearance in women more attractive than attitude, character, habit or manners. To real man, they are both missing out on what men really finds attractive in women.


But what are the things that men finds attractive in women that every women should know? A real man seeks out special qualities in a woman rather than just looks and appearance.

Here are the 10 Things Men Finds most Attractive in Women

  1. Self dependent.

As much as men enjoy being a woman’s hero, they appreciate a woman who is supportive and financially independent. No man will be comfortable with a woman that depends 100% on him for all her expenses. Men like women they can present as self dependent and reliable in front of their family and friends.


An ideal woman should be a supporter and a helper to her man; and not someone who will be squeezing money out of her man`s pocket.

Women, who are self dependent, can pay their own bills and take care of their expenditures will always win the heart of men.

  1. Humor.

Every man desires a woman with a very good sense of humor. This is always part of a man’s list (though unknown to many women). Men enjoys being with someone with whom they can share a good jokes and laugh together.

Women with this quality are always every man`s desire.

  1. Trustworthy.

Men appreciate women who are reliable and do what they say. Women who can keep secrets and stand on their words are dearly to any man, anytime and any day. Being trustworthy to a man means the woman can manage information and that’s what a man really needs in a woman. This quality sets most women apart from their peers because it is a pride among them.

  1. Good Personality.

Men are always looking for ladies with very good personality’s also known as inner beauty. This is expressed from how a woman makes a man feel when he is around her. An easy going and down to earth attitude are what most men seek first when they get to know a woman. Then with time this inner beauty begins to manifest. Women with this quality are irresistible to men.

  1. Contentment.

While it is the true nature of a man to provide, an extravagant woman will be a burden to any man`s progress. So men prefer women who are contented and can manage whatever they are given. Men get turned off with women who have high maintenance culture, to men, these class of women are expensive and may not fit into his financial plan in the future.

So women that can manage a man`s resources well are very much valued by any man.

  1. Appearance.

Appearance is down the list but it is also one of the things men look out for in a woman. Survey shows that most men do not want a woman with a super model body. They prefer women with proportional healthy composure that are good looking as well. It does not mean women need to spend fortunes on beauty products or maintenance, it is more like personal care and how they present themselves. Men generally prefer their women to be equal or shorter in height than them and with equal or lighter body weight than them. Every man appreciates a woman with good appearance.

  1. Good listener.

Being a good listener is a rare skill that is highly appreciated by most men. Being able to listen to what a man have to say and give appropriate response or advice is a great plus to win a man’s heart. It gives the sense of comforting motherly feeling to them.

Men like women who listen to them and give them the benefit of doubt when issues arises.

  1. Respect.

No man will like to stay with a rude woman or have anything to do with a woman who lacks respect for him. This is one hidden habit that is silently killing marriages and relationships today. An Ideal Woman is one who respects and honors man anything less than that detests a man. In some cultures any woman who does not respect her man is considered not be well trained and irresponsible.

Women who respects their husband will always be dear to the man`s heart at all times.

  1. Good Cook.

Every man likes his woman to be a good cook. As the saying goes “the way to any man`s heart is through his stomach” meaning that men like good meals. So being a good cook is one of the qualities that men look out for in a woman. An ideal woman should be able to know how to cook good and delicious meals with a little budget. If you must be attracted to a man you must know how to cook good meals.

  1. True Friend.

Finally, every man needs a true friend, he wants a woman he can trust and have confidence in, a reliable and true friend who will work with him like a team mate side by side throughout his life. Someone he can discuss and plan with. So most man look out for this quality in every woman.

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