These Are The 10 Types Of Girlfriends You Will Always See In Nigerian Intimate Relationships




Relationship could be a beautiful and interesting thing when you meet the right person. It can also be destructive or toxic if one happens to meet the wrong person. In relationships today, a lot of people are seen and that inevitably makes it unique. We have however, compiled a list of different types of girlfriends you can ever see in Nigerian relationships.

1. The endowed ones

These ones are very rampant. They always endowed with enviable front and back. And that is mainly the source of their confidence. They see their endowments as big and marketable assets, hence, the don’t think much about the boyfriend’s attitude. As a boyfriend, you can’t even get angry before them because a little flaunt of their hips will make every anger disappear. Unfortunately, they are always played because most guys do not trust them.





2. The cooks

These type of girlfriends always end up as wives. They don’t joke with the kitchen. There love for cooking is unarguably greater than the love they have for their boyfriends. Every guy feels comfortable around them because they are ministers of stomach affairs. They are not much beautiful or much ugly, they are just in the middle. Most guys love them so much and some cannot do without them.

3. The ministers of maturity

These type cannot be predicted. They hardly talk about anything. If you like cheat before them, they’ll just smile and say; it is well. Getting angry is not their thing, getting happy is not their thing. They are just managers of emotions. They seem to know everything the boyfriend might be thinking. You’ll be surprised to hear them ask you; this one you’re quite, are you thinking of how to dump me?

4. The children

These ones are just childish set of people. Small issue, they cannot handle. Everything, they must call their boyfriends. If butterfly flew pass them, they will report to the boyfriend. If you wink at them, their boyfriends must hear it. They can’t even fry onions without calling the boyfriend for security. They are just unbelievable.

5. The prayer warriors

No guy wants to date this type aside for marriage. For them, party is a sin. Eating out is a crime. They make love once every two weeks, probably as the spirit instructs. They hardly meet with the guys friends except they are willing to come for fellowship. You call them on phone, the first you’ll hear is; ‘Son of Zion! Good morning in the name of Jesus.’ despite their prayerful nature, they are quite understanding and always give pieces of sound advice.

6. The gluttons

I had this kind of girlfriend in the past, I basically cooked every day. She eats with so much greediness. Once she visits, she must taste everything and ensure the pots are empty before taking her leave. These kind of girlfriends are not just funny. Everything they discuss is food and they don’t meet people any other places aside eatries. They are lovely but…

7. The educated

You hardly see them in relationships. They are always looking for who to humble with English. Their fluency no be here. They virtually have something to say in every argument or discussion. During arguments, they always come up with strong facts that makes the boyfriends look stupid. You cannot underestimate them.

8. The criers

These ones have PhD in crying technology. They virtually cry over anything, from proposal through dating to break up. It is just their hobby. Small quarrel, tears will start flowing from all corners of their eyes. They are always genuine and honest.

9. The advisers

These are the type that gives guys strong time. They like to be involved in any thing. They believe so much in their pieces of advice. If you want to break up with them, just do something without their advice.

10. The ‘lovergirls’

These are the type every guy wants to date. They have strong penchant for showing off their boyfriends. Everything they do, they must do with the boyfriends. On social media, they flood everywhere with pictures of their boyfriends. They mainly the young girls.

Which type are you?

Which type are you dating?

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