10 Types Of Women Men Find Most Attractive

If you are a lady and you are looking for a partner you need to be smart about your dating. This means avoiding certain types of men, but it also means recognizing what you are doing wrong and whether the type of woman you are putting out there to the male population attracts or repels them. In this article, we are going to be examining 10 types of women that are most attractive to men.

1) The Happy Woman

Smiling does not only make any woman more attractive but also makes men feel better about themselves whenever they are around her. Every man is always happy to see that their presence has a positive effect on a woman, so always try to be happy and put on a smile.

2)The Geek

Who wouldn’t love to have an intelligent lady as a wife? Well, no one! It is a good thing to be smart and intelligent as a lady because being smart will make men trust you more, which can lead to a relationship.

3) The Chubby Madam

Recent research show that a higher percentage of men are more attracted to thick women. This is because they appear more romantic and are curvier. So do what you can to get thick.

4) The Fashionista

Just as the saying goes “The way you dress is the way you are addressed” Any lady who knows her fashion is good to go, when you dress right for the right occasions you attract more respect, and respect breeds trust and affection.

5) The Tomboy

Well, it would interest you to know that men find tomboys very attractive, most especially with the thought of them being with other women. But the truth is men might only want to be around them but might not want to get married to such.

6) The Pet Lover/Kind

If you want to be admired by a man have a pet, because having a pet as a lady is a sign of kindness and shows a certain level of affection, it can also be a medium for a nice guy to approach you.

7) The Spiritual bad girl

Sounds funny right? Well it will interest you to know that every man wants a woman who can stand in as a spiritual strong hold for him whenever he goes out to hustle but still knows how to do the thing in “tha oza room”.

8) The Perfect cook

This can never be left out especially in a society like ours(Nigeria) where a lot is determined by how well a lady can cook. The truth is and will always be that the fastest to a mans heart is through his stomach.

9) The billionaires daughter

Who wouldn’t want to be associated with one of the richest men in a town, state, country, or even the whole world? This lady would attract every type of man because of the money.

10) The cheerful giver

Be it cash or kind it doesn’t matter what you are giving men likes to collect, even the one that might be harmful to them they will still collect, so being a giver draws attention to yourself.

All this are based on my opinion, and a lot of lady’s can be one, two, three or even all of this things.

Thank you for your time.

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