11 Signs That A Girl Loves You But Won’t Mention (Opinion)

  1. She looks at you often: The look is a sign of obvious interest. That says a lot about the girl’s interest in you. A girl who looks at you often is usually a girl who is attracted to.

Even more if she looks at you discreetly, when you are not looking at her (for example when she watches you discreetly). Conversely, a woman who completely ignores you and never looks at you is probably a woman who is not interested.

She is a woman who is indifferent to you. That being said, a woman may very well be deliberately ignoring you to make herself more desirable to you. She may very well choose never to look at you in order to present herself as a challenge.

This is the reason why you should not stupidly focus on a particular sign of interest, you should also learn to feel things.

  1. She maintains the gaze: A woman who looks at you insistently is a woman who either finds you captivating, or wants to make you understand that she wants you (it can also be to reprimand you, but that is another story. ). In most cases, this is a good sign. It shows she’s attracted.

Especially when she looks you deep in the eye during a white one (it’s a great time to kiss her). gallant girl look On the other hand, a woman who makes sure that she never looks you in the eye or shuns your gaze is a woman who doesn’t want to show any interest in you. In other words, a woman who doesn’t want you to think that something might be going on between you and her.

  1. When she looks away, she is looking down: When the girl looks down after looking you in the eye, it means that she considers you of higher status than hers. In other words, she sees you as a man of high social value. She therefore feels a certain attraction towards you. This is a good sign for the rest of the operations.

  2. She is not afraid of physical contact with you: A girl who likes you will feel comfortable around you. She will feel comfortable touching you or being touched by you. She can hug or kiss you passionately “without doing it on purpose”  (that’s in any case the impression she wants to give), or else stick her leg to yours when you are seated one next to her. other (or simply do not withdraw his leg during contact).

You may also inadvertently touch yourself while walking side by side, more or less by accident. Conversely, a woman who is not interested or who does not like you at all will make sure to maintain a certain distance between her and you.

  1. She shows off: A girl who looks good to see you is a girl who values ​​how you see her. She wants you to find her beautiful and attractive. how to tell if a girl is attracted Likewise, a girl who takes care of her posture and makes sure to constantly showcase her face in your presence is a girl who wants you to see her in the best light. Usually it’s a girl who sees you as a potential boyfriend. She is not indifferent to your charm.

  2. She makes sure to initiate contact with you: When a woman makes sure to initiate a conversation with you, it is not trivial. It reflects a desire to be in your presence and interact with you. And you’ll agree with me that that’s not the kind of stuff a completely indifferent chick would do. Whether face to face, by text message, on social media, etc… a woman who initiates contact with you is a woman that you will not leave indifferent.

That said, just because a woman initiates contact with you doesn’t mean she’s necessarily interested. That’s why you need to watch out for other signs of interest this one might send to you.

  1. She seeks to play with you: A girl who seeks to play with you, tease you, annoy you, etc. is a girl who seeks to hold your attention. She’s a girl who wants to provoke a reaction from you. She wants you to get into her game and start playing with her. It’s a good sign. She values ​​your presence and feels good around you.

  2. She makes up reasons for being alone with you: A girl who secretly loves you or wants you to date her will make sure that the conditions are right for something concrete to happen.

She will put you both in a situation where you can talk to her. how to tell if a girl is interested This is why she will often make sure to be alone with you. And to achieve this, she can invent more or less bogus reasons.

  1. She tries to find common ground with you: A woman who tries to find common ground with you is a woman who seeks to please you. She’s a woman looking to connect with you. She’s a woman who wants to show you she’s right for you.

  2. She is very interested in you: A woman who asks you a lot of questions is a woman who is interested in you. A woman who is very curious about you is a woman whom you will not leave indifferent.

This is especially true if she asks you questions about your family (for example if she asks you if you have siblings, nephews or nieces, etc.). She is very engaged in the conversation and wants to know everything about you.

Consciously or unconsciously, she is considering a more or less serious relationship with you.

  1. She talks about you to her girlfriends: A girl who talks a lot about you to her girlfriends or who does not hide from them the relationship she has with you (if you are in a relationship with her) is a girl who not ashamed of you.

But on the contrary, she is a girl who is proud of you. She is a girl who is proud to know you and / or to have you as a boyfriend. how to tell if a shy girl likes you. That’s a pretty good sign.

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