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11 Years After The Death Of Michael Jackson, see how his Grave Looks And What Was Written On It.

This article can be called an article of rememberance because of the content it carries, it an article written to show how the grace of Michael Jackson look like after his death in 2009.
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Michael Jackson is a very popular entertaner while he was still alive, he is know for his music gift and his fantastic dancing abilities, with this he is one of the world most known entertainers.

He is know worldwide and his ability made him rich and earn him different awards and trophies. But in June 25 2009, this young talented man died. Michael Jackson died but his name did not die with him.
As we all know that death is inevitable, all man shall surely die one day because God did not make us immortal, every human being carries a mortal body.
When Michael Jackson died, it pained the world because he is one of the greatest dancer and entertainer of his time. He is rich and was able to buy expensive things for himself. As we all know it that in life man will always face one challenge or the other, he also have challenges that he battles.

On the wall of Michael Jackson’s grave, all his life time achievements were written boldly on it.
It is written on it that he won 13 Grammy award, 197 other awards, and 37 top 40 hits. All his portfolio was also written on his grave.
The grave of Michael Jackson is so clean and well mentained, legend lives on.

The place is highly maintained.

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