By 12 AM Midnight Use This Psalm To Break The Covenant Of Poverty In Your Life - Mc Ebisco By 12 AM Midnight Use This Psalm To Break The Covenant Of Poverty In Your Life - Mc Ebisco

By 12 AM Midnight Use This Psalm To Break The Covenant Of Poverty In Your Life

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Our Heavenly Father, King of Glory I adore your Holy name this evening for you are going to do something wonderful in my destiny tonight.

I thank you for the grace you have given me to witness this new month in fulfilled favor and in abundance of your mercies, accept my thanks in Jesus name. King of Glory, I appreciate you for your exceptional provision on my table daily, you never let me and family go hungry not even for once accept our thanks giving in Jesus name.

Lord, I thank you for your protection over my life and that of my relatives also, accept my thanks in Jesus name. Oh lord I humbly ask for your forgiveness, father for all have sinned and has fallen short your glory; Lord wash away my sins in Jesus name.

I seek also for your Holy Spirit, let it take absolute control over my life from today in Jesus name.

Amen, amen, amen in Jesus name…

Now the main prayers, please make sure you offer this prayer by 3AM midnight for spiritual battle of your destiny against binding spirit of poverty. And if you can’t, just say “Amen”.

Now, open your Bible to Psalm 12:5

It says…

“For the oppression of the poor, for sighting of the needy, now I will arise; saith the Lord; I will set him safety from he that puffeth at him”.

Listen carefully to the promise of God here, he said for the oppression and upon sighting the needy he will arise and free us from our oppressors.

Now let’s battle with the following Hot prayer points below.

  1. Every alter of poverty, in my place of birth; working against my prosperity burn to ashes in Jesus name.

  2. Any satanic priest ministering against my fortune on an evil alter die by fire in Jesus name.

  3. (Raise your right hand) Today I raise the alter of continuous prosperity upon my life in Jesus name.

  4. Any Covenant that is strengthening the stronghold of Poverty in my life, be uprooted in Jesus name.

  5. I bind and I cast out any negative word enforcing Poverty in my life in Jesus name.

  6. Where my age mates are spending money I refuse to spend mere face there in Jesus name.

  7. Oh lord, enough is enough, right now see my oppression and set me free from all evildoers in Jesus name

  8. Every machinery against my prosperity burn to pieces in Jesus name.

  9. I destroy every weapon and blood covenant of poverty in my life in Jesus name

  10. All mutual agreement with poverty in my father’s house I destroy you with the blood of the lamb in Jesus name.

  11. Every spirit sitting on my progress and prosperity somersault and die in Jesus name.

Thank You Lord For Answering Our Prayers, In Jesus Name We Pray!


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