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13 Effective Ways To Chase Wall Geckos Out Of Your House

Evicting Geckos from Your Home, Set up tricky Sticky Traps

Almost all insects consumed by the are drawn to light, so most times you’d see a gecko hanging around places with bright light. You could place some sticky papers near the light source and wait for a gecko to enter inside and get stuck. These sticky papers could also be placed at doorways and windows. After you set it and it catches a gecko or more than one, take it outside and pour vegetable oil on it, this will loosen the sticky paper grip on the geckos and free them, or you could just kill them.

Do you have eggshells at home? They can be used to scare geckos off by placing them in different corners around your home.

This method might seem weird but it is very effective in chasing geckos away from your home. Asides that, it’s less expensive because we consume egg almost every day so you will be killing one bird with two stones. When geckos sight the eggshells, they would assume it is a predator that could eat them. Leave the shells at spot around your home like the kitchen or your house entrance.

Make sure you don’t crush the eggshells, just place them in two halves. One half at every entrance into your home should do the trick. Also make sure you change the eggshells every 3 weeks.

Place a garlic around hiding place 

The strong odor of Garlic isn’t offensive to humans alone, its also offensive to wallgeckos and they outright can’t stand the smell of it, people actually use it as a repellent to geckos. Place some at doorway entrances, windows and different corners of the house.

Pepper-spray around your home.

Sometimes it feels like these wall geckos are also humans because most things that irritates us also irritates them. The human skin gets irritated when sprayed with the pepper spray and it is the same for geckos, you can purchase a pepper spray or just mix some pepper with water and spray the solution at places you know the gecko could make it hiding spot like the kitchen, corners, behind the couch and underneath the fridge.

Cut some onion slices.

Onion is another major irritant that will definitely pursue geckos away. Here’s how you go about it, slice an onion in half and place it at a spot where you last saw the gecko. The next time it comes there an smells the onion, it will run from that place.

Catch a gecko, let it go.

This is for the strong minded individuals only, If you tried all these methods and the gecko refused to leave your home then you should try catching it manually and then decide if you want to kill it or just set it free.

Ways to prevent the Geckos from getting attracted to your home

—Keep your house thoroughly clean by ensuring the floors are swept always and different irrelevant things should be lying around carelessly.

—Geckos like places that are warm and wet, ensure your floor is always dry and keep onions at spots you know are quite warm at night.

—Fix up ant leakage around your house that might make a particular spot in your house wet, remember that geckos like wet places and they would turn wet spots to their comfort zones.

—Make sure your place your furniture at least six inches from the walls and also don’t leave too many pictures or art hanging on your wall, geckos tend to hide behind them.

—Make sure your backyards is well trimmed so geckos and lizards don’t have easy spots to hide and enter your home.

—Do not plant succulents in your garden, why? Well simply because a gecko would suck out the water to maintain it hydration if it can’t find any means of hydration around.

Ensure your home doesn’t have holes in the walls or space underneath your door as geckos can easily creep inside or under and just like that, they are inside your house again.

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