15 Businesses That Could Fetch You N150,000 Monthly

There are many businesses that could fetch you N1500,000 monthly. Here are some of them:

Download a trading card / data subscription

Reprinting cards is the best answer to the question; With which business can I start 50,000 or less in Nigeria? Most startups that had a laptop reported a small capital up to 10,000. By the way, all you need to start printing and selling cards are; A laptop, a valid e-mail ID, a typewriter, PIN-opening software and a charge card printer. With these resources you can also include a data subscription in what you do

Retail for animals


Almost anyone can learn how to start a pet food business in Nigeria. You do not need any special knowledge and it is a lucrative business with high demand and less work. All you need is a profit-oriented mind, space for your business and connection to some of the best retailer / distribution networks. Of course to say that this is the right model if you are in Lagos and looking for a business you can start with 100,000 Belgians.

Video game business

A used Sony PlayStation that comes with pads for two players falls between the price of # 48,000 and # 50,000 on the Jumia and you only need one. You can just spend the rest of your capital on $ 100,000 to rent and rent a video game room electricity generator. I believe you are already aware of how much time and money people are investing in games today.

Vue Center

There is probably no person on earth today without a popular football club or favorite sport. But maybe you! The obvious fact that people prefer watching football matches and viewing centers with their club members leaves you with a lucrative business. Especially if you are urban based. This will surprise you when you discover that you do not have to spend more than half of your 100,000 capital to get started.

Computer Accessories / Retail Gadgets

Is there anything for gadgets? Your passion can be enriched when you can open a computer accessories store on the street. You can start small, reinvest your capital and earn and grow over time. In addition to the best deal for a capital of 100,000, you can incorporate phone shops into your venture.

Hairdresser and hairdresser

Why I connected these two businesses is the similarity between them. All things being equal, you can go for one of the two that you are comfortable with. And you can go on both of them evenly without a hairdresser or literature to some extent there are people who are willing to work under you for a tax. All in all, these are two lucrative businesses with less than 100,000 capital and you can always expect sales to go through the roof, especially in a city like Lagos / Papp / Umbra / Kanu.

Fashion / wear / Accessories

Look around and see how all the time people including themselves patronize with boutique shops. These businesses never go out of business even when the state economy has a concern. What for? This is simply because people never want to miss out on fashion trends. This business is one of the businesses that start during a recession.

Video rental shops

In addition to the topic of pirated movies and the problems you may encounter with inattention, you can create your own video rental business to make your life comfortable and short lived. And a side note is that a video retailer has a lot more money than just renting paid movies. But there is no one to stop you from managing both. And do not waste more than 100k initially with a small container business.

Laundry shop

In cities like Lagos, Abba, Evka, Abuja, Kaduna, Abokuta and Avdan, people live busy lives. Time always moves so fast that it’s so hard to create time for things like laundry. As a businessman, you should see a great opportunity here.

Preparation of fruit juices

This is for you when a large scale business is no problem. You also need to recruit to manage your management skills and be a better risk taker than you were recently.

Painting business

It may require skill, but it takes as much commitment as you need to invest in any other business to become a qualified painter. And it does not end there. To be a successful painter, you should learn how to be persuasive, how to meet prospects and earn a working relationship with them for life. So here, a lot of your capital is invested to educate yourself for these things.

Retail food products

Do you have the talent to sell things without burning up your capital? Retail and food products is an easy online business to operate with a capital of 100,000 in Nigeria but required by management. If you have a shop and chain with some good grocery stores around you, you will start to constantly double your profits, even if it takes time.

Grill shop

You know how busy the barbecue shop on the street is especially at night. Gone are the days when selling steaks was a thing of bars. Today, as long as you live in a city where people enjoy eating overnight meat with friends, your barbecue shop can just read on. Just learn how to make a special barbecue, get a corner kiosk and make money every day.

Fish and snail farming

Farming, whether planning plants in high demand or keeping beasts, is the diligent thing. It is therefore advisable to think about it before you leave or find yourself out of business in the next few weeks. Work and time aside, agriculture is a multi-million dollar industry with a score of subsidiaries. Eliko Dangota is proof. However, the most lucrative farming business that you can start with a capital of 100,000 in Nigeria today is raising fish or snails.

Event planning and management

Here is the latest in the list of top offline stores that you can start with 100,000 in Nigeria. Event planning is a bit broad and one of the hottest companies in the world but how do you get started? First, choose your scope, learn how things are done in the area you have chosen, draw up a business plan, form partnerships, sign up, create your brand and compare yourself.

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