After 15-Years of Marriage, Man Wants Divorce After Finding Out This ‘Evil’ Thing His Wife Did

Recently, many people marry based on interest and what they tend to benefit from the union believing that Love is not enough reason to settle with anyone. This has increased and contributed to the high rate of divorce we see and hear everyday.

Here is a true life story of how a 15-year marriage is kissing the dust all because of selfish interest.

Read below:

Last week a man discovered his wife of 15 years had over N18m, and didn’t want to help him complete the family house he was building. He later found out the his wife’s friends told her not to because her name wasn’t on the building document.

The man was pissed because he remembered asking for money from the wife and she said she doesn’t have. Thus she setup to buy a property in her name, but was duped. Her husband exclaimed how he had pushed her through tertiary, and master’s education.

The man found out about her getting duped when she starting behaving abnormal. There’s been call for plea for the man to let her be. But unfortunately, he says he’s over with the marriage. The kids will have to figure out who they want.

Let’s always have in mind that our actions have consequences.

If you are the man, what will you do? Share your thoughts with us let’s learn.


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