"I Have 150 Yoruba's Warriors Under My Command" - Oluode Oyajimi Boasts (Video) - Mc Ebisco "I Have 150 Yoruba's Warriors Under My Command" - Oluode Oyajimi Boasts (Video) - Mc Ebisco
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“I Have 150 Yoruba’s Warriors Under My Command” – Oluode Oyajimi Boasts (Video)

The frequent attacks by killer Fulani herdsmen have generated severe anxiety in Yorubaland, and as a result, many great warriors have emerged to safeguard the region’s safety and security, as well as preventing the entry of killer Fulani herdsmen. Baba Saka Adedeji, the head of all hunters in Oyajimi, is one of these renowned warriors in Yorubaland.

In a 3-minute-39-second video on GIST MEDIA TV, an old man and head hunter known as Baba Saka Adedeji, the Oluode Oyajimi revealed that he had 150 warriors under his control who are combat ready to help in the struggle to get rid of killer Fulani from Yorubaland.

According to Baba Saka Adedeji, he described the killer Fulani herdsmen who clench to their rifles and cutlasses, slaughtering people in their homes and attacking them on their farms as humans born of evil. He claimed that if he receives information that the deadly Fulani herdsmen group has arrived in town, he will summon his boys to his house, and they will arrive in a flash.

He added, without blinking an eye, that he has one hundred and fifty warriors under his command (150). Baba said that what they needed as warriors to improve the effectiveness and succeed in their service to Yorubaland was for the people to provide them with more advanced arms and ammunition, such as AK-47 and barrels, as opposed to the dane guns they’re currently using, as well as motorcycles to help them carry out their jobs of securing the land more easily.

Watch video of the interview session with Baba Saka Adedeji, the Oluode of Oyajimi by clicking HERE

Without a question, insecurity is one of the country’s biggest concerns today, and with this unparalleled level of insecurity, many farm enterprises have been harmed, people are now reluctant to move freely, and this is having a terrible impact on our country’s existence. It would be difficult to go a week without hearing terrible news from one of the three regions that make up Nigeria. It’s either kidnappings by bandits in the North, attacks by unknown gunmen in the East, or deadly Fulani herdsmen in the West.

Meanwhile, the most recent attack in the South West occurred on Sunday, June 6, 2021, when suspected attackers penetrated Igangan, a town in Ibarapaland, Oyo State, in the middle of the night while the people were sleeping, killing and injuring unspecified numbers of people during their bedtime, and burning down the king’s palace, a filling station, and people’s properties.

It should be remembered that the above Yoruba town where the suspected attackers earlier struck this month was also the town where the call for the expulsion of killer Fulani herdsmen from Yorubaland began. Due to their continuous atrocities in the land as alleged prompted the emergence of Igboho Oosa and other great warriors calling for Fulani herdsmen to leave Yorubaland.

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