17-year-old model narrates her ordeal after escaping trap set by fake modelling agency

A young model, Chioma, has taken to social media to narrate her ordeal with fraudsters.

Many young and promising Nigerians often look for avenues to showcase and harness their talents as they make active moves in pursuing their dreams.

For models, to get noticed, they tend to go for castings from time to time. For this reason, scammers have taken this as an opportunity to dupe young and unsuspecting people.

The 17-year-old upcoming model, Chioma, took to Instagram to narrate her ordeal at the hands of fraudulent people posing as modelling agents.

According to her, she was supposed to go for a casting for a skin care product advert and the supposed manager of the brand called her on how the shoot would be.

“I’m Chioma,17 and I’m an aspiring model. I’d tell you that if not of God’s grace I don’t know what would have become of me. I was to go for this supposed @nivea_ng new product advert…I was super excited the supposed manager(08103876556) called to explain how the shoot would be,told me of the outfit (the normal tanktop and leggings) the location was an Mega Chicken Festac Town”, she said.

The person presenting himself as the manager later informed Chioma that the venue for the audition has been changed to another location because of the large turnout at the first place.

“So as at yesterday evening between 6pm almost to 7pm he called again to tell me the location as been changed saying the models at Festac were too much that my new location was at Egbeda (at Chicken Republic to be precise). So I set out for Egbeda this morning…he still called again this morning to ask if I was already on my way there.”

When he found out Chioma was already on her way to the venue, he redirected her to another place as he said his PA would come and take her measurements. The PA arrived and took her to a place which turned out to be a bar/hotel.

“When I got to iyana school I called to tell him I was already on my way to Egbeda he told me to drop at Powerline just after Igando that he’d send his PA to pick me for my measurements,I agreed. I got to Powerline and called him again,he said his PA was on his way. It happened that a young guy came up to me and asked if I was Chioma. I said yes and he said let’s go to the hall so I can take your measurements…he was in a hurry before I knew it he took me to a place like a mini hotel n bar too.”

Feeling uncomfortable with the whole setup, Chioma called the manager and he told her everything would be fine. She was later taken to a room for the measurement and the supposed PA tried to take her deeper inside the room which she declined.

She called the manager again and he told her to start going to the audition venue. After she left the hotel, he stopped picking her calls.

“He asked that I entered the room so he could take my measurements. I was scared so I started calling some of my friends. He started scolding me and ask that I called his manager which I did and complained how uncomfortable I felt with it;the manager assured me that everything was ok and I knew it wasn’t so I let the guy take my measurements which he did but didn’t write any thing on his book…he asked if I knew my height I told him yes 5’8 but he insisted I wrote it myself…so he took the book to the ending of the bed more like taking me deeper into the room that was when I lost it so I started complaining. I called the manager again and he said I should start coming down to Egbeda.”

“I went to Oshodi and since then the supposed manager has been putting my calls on busy. So I texted @nivea_ng to confirm if the worked with @queenmodellinagency I think the supposed agency blocked me but it’s in the image….I don’t know how many girls are with them ohh but I didn’t fall for the trap.”


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