17th &18th Of October: Declare This Prayer” Oh Lord I have Been Shame Arise For Me Like A Thunder”.

Before Monday let try and pray this prayers, I Know during this situation what is happening in our nation some people prayer life have been going down, but with the help of God, he created this platform to help many people. Thanks to opera news hub also.

Satan is not sleeping and the bible says Satan is like lion looking for some lukewarm believers to devour, but I pray we are not going to be his victim or fall into trap.

  1. Father orchestrate my life and destiny, grant me Divine direction in every facets of my life

  2. O LORD prosper me in all spheres of life

  3. Anywhere I step the sole of my feet, Divine lifting shall be my portion in Jesus Name

  4. Christ in me the hope of glory, I therefore decree that my future is bright and secured in Christ Jesus

  5. Father please give me the grace to be contented with whatsoever I have

  6. Father let your grace be sufficient for me in Jesus Name

  7. Father my life must serve you, let my heart always pants after you and the things of righteousness

  8. Anything or argument that exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ in my life, i cast you down in Jesus Name

  9. Oh LORD let there be a Divine settlement in every area of my life, Maritally and financially in Jesus Name

  10. My Father my Father, may I not be ashamed, tear every garment of shame from my life

  11. Anywhere I have been ridiculed, Father arise and let me be relevant in Jesus Name

  12. Oh LORD draw lost souls back to you, in your mercy reveal Christ to them in Jesus Name

  13. Jesus be Exalted in my life, family and Nation. Holy Ghost brood over our Nation and let the light of Jesus shine bright in Jesus Name.

Kindly share this midnight prayers to bless others. God bless you

Bible verses: 2corinthians 10:5, Ephesians 3:20, Philippines 4:11

Don’t think you are doing this for fun, God usually hear true hunger from his people and prayers from people. My brothers and sisters in the lord never stop searching for God. Thanks. And I pray you shall never be weary. Amen.

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