18 Behaviors Of Women That Men Never Understand

Men have Been Complaining about the Feminine Soul for Several Years and Unfortunately for them, they have not Gotten any Close Whenever a Woman Behaves in an Unusual Way , guys are Sure to Say Something about how Weird they are and don’t Really Understand Them.

Below are the 18 things Guys Still don’t Understand get About Women.

1)When asked “What Wrong” and the Answer is ” Nothing”
2) They are Completely Unpredictable
3) Mood Swings
4) Crying When Watching a Romantic Movie.
5) Complaining about a Guys Shirt.

6) Going for Unfaithful Guy and Later Complain about not Finding a Nice Guy.
7) Why they Don’t Know What they Want in a Relationship.
8) Why they don’t Talk About Intimacy Openly
9) Uploading Photos of Themselves Posing in a Mirror.
10) Why they Say One thing they Really mean or Want Another

11) How she Ended up Knowing so Much about Intimacy.
12) Why they Takr Text Messages Way to Seriously
13) Their Time of the Month
14) Why they Refuse to Believe that their Close Male Friends Want to Date Them.
15) When they Know you are Right but Continue to do Wrong Things
16) How they Expect you to Read their Minds
17) Why Marriage and Kids are So Important to them.
How Long they Can Hold Small Grudges.
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