18- Year- Old Boy Who Specializes In Supplying Fuel To Bandits Nabbed By Katsina Police


The Katsina State Police Command arrested a suspect who Specializes in Supplying fuel to bandits in forest of Katsina state.

The official representative of the command S. P. Gambo Isa made the announcement in a statement in Katsina on Wednesday (October 6), said Almustafa Kabir, an 18- year- old suspect from the Republic of Niger who specializes in fueling bandits in the jungle.


” The command was able to arrest 18- year- old Almustafa Kabir in the village of Danarau in the Republic of Niger. He specializes in forest bandits, ” Gumbo said


According to Afronaija he was greeted by a group of Nigerian army operatives patrolling the Strait of Magam, Jibia, carrying small quantities of petroleum products in plastic bags. During the investigation, the suspect admitted his actions. Investigation continues


Tragic events have long been on the agenda in parts of the United States. Criminals continue to do all sorts of terrible things against innocent and well- meaning citizens. In some regions today, many people cannot sleep with their eyes closed.

This is the pinnacle of hooliganism that is devastating many communities today, and the level of aggression by armed men in this country is astounding. Since the justice system was not built in vain, citizens on this continent and around the world must root out thoughts and actions that humiliate, harm or kill people in any form.


It is prudent to report all offenders or refer them to law enforcement for proper prosecution if they are faced with the consequences of their actions.

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