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18-Year-Old Member Of Deeper Life Church Told Me Her Uncle Currently Molests Her – Davis’s Mom Reveals

Earlier this morning, the mother of Don Davis, the boy allegedly molested at deeper life school debunk the rumor that she requested the sum of N100m through her lawyer as compensation for her son’s ordeal.

The mother described the news as false and that the only thing she ever wanted was justice and nothing more. She however acknowledged that she is aware of all the negative things that people will say about her, but she won’t be affected by any of their claims.

Mrs. Deborah Okezie in an attempt to further prove that deeper life church members will do everything possible to sabotage her efforts in getting justice for her molested son revealed how she was contacted by a 13-year old girl who requests that she wants her to be her Godmother.

According to Mrs. Okezie, the girl in question revealed to her that since her biological parent died and she started living with her uncle at the age of 11, and ever since, the uncle has been molesting her.

According to her, the poor girl said the children of the uncle are aware of this act, so they warned her never to attempt to reveal their dad’s secret to anyone.

Mrs okezie although said she requested that the girl should come out of her shell and share the secret with the world, but the poor girl seems not to be bold enough as she seems scared.

Okezie said she is happy that her effort to stand and fight her son has given voice to others who suffers the same fate as their son but have no one to fight for them

She however disclosed that she is hoping the girl will contact her again as her attempt to reach out to her afterward has been futile.

We can only try to deny this, but I’m sure we have kids who need help with molestation issues but are too scared to speak up because religion is involved.

We need to leave religious sentiments and jointly condemn what is wrong not minding who is involved.


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