2 Biblical Questions Many Christians Can’t Answer Till Date


Most Christians have trouble answering two biblical questions. Most Christians find it incredibly difficult to respond to these questions. This is most likely why so many people are debating it in various locations. Unfortunately, these discussions do not always result in a beneficial outcome.

In this essay, I’ d want to respond to these questions. I’ ll also give you my honest opinion on these topics. These views of view would be purely based on biblical principles.


Here Are The Two Questions, Without Further I Do:

  1. We Are Not Allowed To Kill According To The Bible. So, Are Soldiers Guilty Of Sin When They Kill In Battle?

Most Christians are currently arguing whether troops commit sin when they kill in combat. According to the Bible, we are not to kill. So, why are they killing people? These people are not, in my opinion, committing sin. And I have proof.

When we consider King David’ s account, can we say that killing Goliath was a sin? This Philistine was assassinated by David, who even chopped off his head. Instead of being charged, he was given a commendation. Why? He was doing so because he was following orders.


The military we see today have only been given the authority to kill in war. They, too, are free as long as they preserve their independence, like David did. It will be deemed a sin on their part if they do it in an unauthorized manner.

They, too, would have sinned, and they, like David with Uriah, would need to beg pardon and mercy. This is just my personal opinion. And I am willing to be corrected if any of my statements are incorrect.

  1. We Should Drink A Little Wine For The Sake Of Our Stomachs, According To The Bible. Is This A Permission To Consume Alcohol?


This is another topic that has prompted a lot of discussion. This chapter from 1 Timothy is quickly establishing itself as the cornerstone of Christian admonition to alcoholics. However, I continue to believe that alcohol consumption is inappropriate for Christians. I’ ll tell you the same thing no matter where you quote me.

Intoxication can occur if alcohol is not adequately managed. Intoxication might push a Christian to do dumb things since he or she is not in his or her right mind. As a result, I do not believe that drinking alcohol is suitable.


After consuming alcohol, Noah was discovered naked. Lot indulged in fornication and incest with his daughters without even realizing it. This was the situation because he drank a lot of wine. As you can see, drinking alcohol is not recommended for Christians.

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