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2 Fruits That Can Boost A Man’s Sperm Count within 21 Days If He Can Take It Daily

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There is power in natural if you know how to use it for your own advantage. There are more than sixty million men that are having low sperm count problem, this problem can lead a man to childless. This problem has destroyed many marriages, when a man cannot satisfy his wife on the bed.

The causes of low sperm count
1.Drug use. Many men are suffering from low sperm count today due to the drugs they used in the past. Drug like Tramadol, strong antibiotic, Cocaine and Marijuana. All these drugs reduces the quality of sperms if you take it too much.

2.Stress. Too much stress contribute, as a man don’t stress yourself much, work and rest.

How to increase low sperm count
*Stop smoking

*Reduce stress

*Stop taking much alcohol

*Take enough vitamin D3 and calcium

*Take normal sleep

2 fruits that can boost low sperm count


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