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2 Major Actions Buhari Should Take Over Peter Obi’s Pandora Papers Money Laundering Scandal


In today’ s article, we will be looking at a very trendy story that everyone should be keen on and of course, have one or two things to say about it. And it’ s about the former governor of Anambra state. Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra State, has denied evading taxes by forming offshore firms while in government.

Obi also refuted claims that he broke Nigerian law by continuing to serve as a director of a corporation while in office as governor of Anambra. He said this during an interview on Arise TV’ s The Morning Show on Monday.


According to the Pandora Papers investigation, Obi used overseas bank accounts and dummy firms based in tax havens to launder state monies and avoid paying taxes.

However, there are two main steps President Muhammadu Buhari should do in response to Peter Obi’ s money laundering incident with the Pandora papers: 1. President Buhari should appoint a panel to investigate Peter Obi’ s s money- laundering scandal involving the Pandora Papers.

President Muhammadu Buhari made a good decision by forming a commission to investigate Peter Obi’ s papers money laundering scam. The panel will look into whether Peter Obi is guilty or innocent in the money laundering issue in which he is implicated.

  1. President Buhari should convene an emergency meeting with Peter Obi.

Another key measure that President Muhammadu Buhari should take right away is to invite Peter Obi to a meeting. This will make it easier to hear Peter Obi’ s take on the money laundering situation. It will also provide the federal governments with a better understanding of the problem.


What are your thoughts on Peter Obi s money- laundering scandal involving the Pandora Papers?


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