2 Men Forcefully Slept With a Student Who Came to Ask For Charm to Stop Her Boyfriend From Cheating

This lady wanted to protect her relationship but ended up being used by two witch doctors. Thank God for the intervention of the police because this Lady indeed needs justice.

According to reports online, two witch doctors forcefully had their way into a young student who came to asked for a charm that will stop her boyfriend from dating other ladies. However, these men have been arrested by the police and I believe within a short time, they will pay for their actions.

Note: The picture of this lady (victim) was not made known to the public. Any picture you see here is just for illustrations.

These men did not only sleep with this lady, but they also stole millions from her. This lady made a mistake by trying to use charm on her Boyfriend now see where it landed her. This should be a lesson to all Nigerian ladies.


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