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2 Regrettable Mistakes Late Buhari’s Driver Should Have Avoided And May Be Save His Life (Opinion)

Nigerians were told that President Muhammadu Buhari’s personal driver, Master Warrant Officer Saidu Afaka, died at the State House Clinic in Abuja two days ago.

His death raised eyebrows for obvious reasons. One was the fact that he was arrested and detained by operatives of the Department of State Service (DSS). Another reason was because of the quality of treatment he might have been exposed to before and at the said clinic where he later gave up the ghost. Well, the most regrettable thing is that he is dead already.

Many Nigerians are not happy with the way Afaka died and they have been airing their views on the whole saga on various platforms especially the social media. As the venting of anger and regrets continue amid more reactions to the death of Afaka continue, this article sets out to discuss two regrettable mistakes Afaka made which if he had avoided them, he might have saved his life. The purpose is to serve as a lesson to many others out there because as human beings, we all learn from the mistakes of others.

Afaka should have avoided the alleged contract deal saga.

Afaka was alleged to have tricked Buhari to sign some contract deals worth millions. Well, everybody likes money and will do things to get it especially in large quantity. However, getting the kind of money that may put one’s life at risk or even cost one his life is a big risk to avoid at all cost. The contract saga seems to be the genesis of Afaka’s ordeal.

According to a report by Sahara Reporters, that was the reason he was arrested by DSS. He was said to have been tortured in custody and then later taken to the hospital. On the flip side, Afaka should have done the deal with a powerful person in Buhari’s government that will cover him up when the case comes up. Better still, Afaka should have avoided the deal totally to stay safe.

Afaka should have refused to be treated at the State House Clinic.

There was a time an alarm was raised that the state House Clinic was ill-equipped as basic drugs and other medications were lacking there. Nigerians also know that Buhari, his family and top government officials do not even use the State House Clinic for treatment. They go abroad to receive quality medical attention. So, it is obvious why the State House Clinic is ill-equipped. Now, doctors are also on strike in Nigeria. Being a public hospital, the state House Clinic will be in worse condition.

In view of the points stated above, Afaka should have opted instead to be treated in a private hospital where he is sure to get better treatment. Also, knowing that he was held in custody for something that portrays him in bad light, he should have known that his welfare may not be a priority. So, he should have made the demand to be treated in a private hospital after which he will face the case allegedly brought against him. But, he seemed not to see all these coming. Alas! it is too late now as Afaka has died. What a great loss! Lessons have been learnt from this incident.

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