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2 Things You Can Quickly Consume To Neutralize The Effect Of Poison In Your Stomach

This is how to do an anti-poison drug yourself at home.

1.) With charcoal, you can produce an anti-poison that can save someone’s life.

What you need for the process is charcoal and lemon juice.

Crunch the charcoal into powder, filter the charcoal.


Get 6 big riped lemon and squeeze them into a cup and stir it. Sieve away the particles.

Pour the charcoal into the lemon juice and stir it to become a paste.

Allow it to absorb and ferment for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, boil it for 3 hours.

Sieve out the charcoal from the solution and allow it to dry up.

After allowing it to dry up, store it in an airtight bottle.

Recommendation for use: Mix half or one full spoon of the charcoal into a glass of clean water and drink it.

2.) Another method is by eating Bitter cola. This seed is a natural anti-poison agent that will save anyone’s life whenever they swallow poison, just give the victim one or two seeds of bitter cola to eat. Within 30 minutes, the victim will start sweating and urinate away all the poison in his or her body.

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