2 Ways Ladies Test A Guy Before Falling in Love With Him

Ladies also get attracted to guys just exactly the same way that guys do, the only difference is that ladies are always looking for assurance, before they express their feelings to a guy, or before they accept his proposal. And most times the only way through which they seek to get this assurance is to put the guy through a series of test, to verify the feelings that he has for them and see the genuineness of that feeling. They want to be sure that he’s not just trying to get down with them or play them into falling for them and then he dumps them.

So as a guy, you would need to know the kind of tests that ladies put guys through before they fall in love with them, you should be able to identify the ways that ladies test guys before they fall in love with them so that you will be able to pass the test excellently.

In this article, I will be showing you two ways ladies test a guy before falling in love with him.

  1. They ignore your text for two days

This is the first way that ladies test a guy before falling in love with him, they ignore your texts for at least two days, to check your patience and see if you’re clinging or not. When a girl ignores your text, you’re not expected to keep texting her, because that doesn’t mean she will respond if you continue to text, what you need to do is to call her and check if she’ll pick your call. If she doesn’t pick your call after two tries, then you should know that she’s probably busy or she doesn’t want to talk to you and you have to free her. When she’s ready to talk to you, she’ll call or text you.


This is how you can pass this test if a lady should take you through it.

  1. They sleep overnight in your house

This is another way that ladies test a guy, they want to see if you’ll respect them enough not to touch them without their consent. So when a lady comes to your house to sleep overnight, don’t be too much in a hurry to get down with her, if she doesn’t give her consent, then you have to leave her and let her be. You shouldn’t betray her trust just because you can’t control yourself, you have to find a way to trigger your self-control.

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