20 Funny Questions You Can Ask A Girl You Love Just To Make Her Smile And Laugh.

Women love to laugh and smile all the time. They want to always be happy and enjoy themselves.

As a guy, you should be able to know some funny things that would certainly keep your girl smiling and keep her happy. Have you ever wondered why it’s easier for gunny guys to get a girl than a guy who is the opposite.

Making a girl laugh while conversing with her could go down in many ways. It could be that you are making a very funny statement or E could be you are asking funny questions.

Asking her some funny questions would definitely do the trick and that is why I am going to reveal to you all some funny questions you can ask a girl to make her laugh out her mind.

Funny questions you can ask.

1) What name would you give me if I was a dog?

2) If you have the chance to choose between me and $5m, which one will you take?

3) What is the funniest name you have been called before?

4) If I kissed you right now and ask you to shout that I kissed you, will you?

5) What would you do if you wake up in the money and see that your woman part is gone?

6) If you were a man just like I am right now and I was a woman, what would you do to me right now?

7) Have you ever had a weird crush on me before?

8) Do you think very old men are sexy?

9) Would you love to go bald one day?

10) How handsome do you think I am?

11) What attracts you most in old men, is it their step or their gray hair?

12) You smile a lot around me. Is it how you are or you are just happy to see me?

13) If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?

14) If you could be a superhero, which one would best describe you as a person?

15) What is that one thing you hate that people actually enjoy and you hate that they do?

16) What do you think interest me about you. What’s that want thing you think I would always want from you?

17) What would you do if a girl hits on you?

18) What is the weirdest birthday gift you have ever received?

19) Would you still like a guy if he was very much taller than you?

20) What makes more sense to you, me or my money?


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