20 Signs To Know If Your Boyfriend Really Loves You

1.Your happiness would matter, more than his own.

2.If he has to leave, and you ask him to stay a little more, he will stay.

3.He tells you how he really feels about you.

4.He doesn’t stop appreciating you, and when you talk about your flaws, he tells you how much he loves them, too.

5.When you walk together, he makes sure he walks towards the side of the road.

6.He holds your hand while crossing the road.

7.He will know something’s bothering you, just by your voice.

8.No matter how many times you reject his call in anger, he will call you back.

9.It’s never you and me, it’s us.

10.He will discuss with you, before taking any important decisions. Your opinions would matter.

11.When he makes a mistake, instead of apologizing, he will promise you to show it in his actions. He will promise you, he will improve. And you will see it.

12.He will love you, even when he knows that someday he might have to let you go. Only because he thinks you deserve his love.

13.When you tell him you’re feeling jealous of his other female friends, instead of getting irritated with it, he will reassure you that no matter how many girls flirt with him, he is only yours.

14.Insecurities are dealt with love, reassurance, and kindness. Not with ego, anger and ‘don’t start with this again’ attitude.

15.He will share his food with you. If you’re fortunate enough, he will feed you first.

16.He would be scared of losing you.

17.When you laugh in a group of people, you would be the first person his eyes would turn to. And later, he will tell you how much he loves your laugh.

19.He would make you feel comfortable and secure. Even if you need all the time in the world, he will never force you for anything.

20.You would be on the top from the search option on all his social networking profiles, to the priority list of his life.

You will know. Trust that gut feeling.


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