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2019 ELECTIONS Hon Dennis Idahosa speaks on the Menace of Vote Buying

The survival of our nascent democracy is under threat when citizens choose to sell their conscience because of pecuniary interests rather than the conscious and meticulous dictates of their conscience.

This was the position made by the All Progressives Congress(APC) candidate for Ovia federal constituency in the forthcoming 2019 general elections, Hon. Dennis Idahosa in an exclusive interview with CRACKTEAM NAIJA and monitored by Bush Radio Reporters  . The House of Representatives hopeful decried the shameful trend which has made the electorate mere purveyors of the wishes of greedy politicians while mortgaging their future. He gave reasons for the emergence of the ugly trend of vote buying which he attributed to lack of acceptability of politicians by their people due to failed promises and the consuming desperation of failed leaders who having lost touch with their constituents and taking advantage of the impoverished nature of their constituents, devise ways of buying over the conscience of the voters just to continue perpetuating themselves in power, and remarked that such trend if not checked would lead to the ascension of wrong representatives and leaders to the elevated corridors of powers and ultimately retarding the progress of the people and constituency they represent.

‘The continuous buying of votes by leaders will result in a government led by leaders who do not reflect the will of the people and such a government is inimical to the growth of our democracy, Hon. Dennis Idahosa said’. He also used the opportunity to draw the attention of the public especially the good people of Ovia over alleged plans by the opposition PDP to induce voters with money in the forthcoming elections as some politicians of the rival PDP have stockpiled cash with the hope of buying voters on election day and urged Ovia people not to be deceived by the selfish ‘You Chop, I chop mentality’ of the PDP which has not benefited the majority of the good people of Ovia in the long run but instead have only suited the whims and caprices of a greedy few who do not wish well for the constituency.
Hon. Dennis Idahosa sued for more cooperation between all stakeholders in the political process such as political parties, politicians, traditional institutions security agencies and the country’s electoral umpire INEC in discouraging the ugly trend as more education and enlightenment is needed to enable people understand the need not to sell their votes as doing that will only mortgage their future and set them back on the path of retrogression. He further called on INEC and security agencies to be resolute in stamping out vote buying during the forthcoming elections as this was a threat to the conduct of free, fair and credible elections in Nigeria.
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