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2022 BUDGET: Osinbajo Shares Good News To All Nigerians


Today Thursday 7 October, 2021 the president federal republic of Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari presented the 2022 Federal Budget Proposals to the distinguished Joint Session of the National Assembly.


Nigerians have been anticipating to hear the good out come of the 2022 budget proposal, as such the vice president federal republic of Nigeria Proff Yemi Osinbajo took to his verified Facebook page to tell Nigerians the good news embedded in the 2022 budget.


The vice president in his statement as released on his Facebook page @ Professor Yemi Osinbajo state that; the budget is targeted to boast economy growth to special interventions that aims at robust MSME growth in the country.


” The budget, tagged ‘ a Budget of Economic Growth and Sustainability’ , will focus on further diversifying the economy, with special aim at robust MSME growth, investment in critical infrastructure, strengthening security and ensuring good governance. It is also focused on enabling a vibrant, educated and healthy populace; reducing poverty, and minimizing regional, economic and social disparities. ”


The vice president also in his statement addresses the issue of insecurity in the country, where he stated that defence and Internal security remains there too priority and the budget will reaffirm a commitment to the security and safety of lives of Nigerians.

” Defence and internal security continues to be our top priority, as this budget reaffirms a commitment to the security of life, property and investment nationwide. ”


He also highlighted that, the budget is slide in a way that it will ensure a fair distribution of resources among vulnerable groups across Nigeria.

He said; ” And, for the first time in Nigerian history, our MDAs were clearly advised on gender responsive budgeting. These are part of the critical steps in our efforts to distribute resources fairly and reach vulnerable groups in our society. ” He concluded.


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