2023 Election: Gang Up Against Peter Obi Exposed2023 Election: Gang Up Against Peter Obi Exposed
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2023 election: Gang up against Peter Obi exposed

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2023 election: Gang up against Peter Obi exposed

Peter Obi Support Network (POSN) has raised the alarm of a planned attack against the 2023 Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate.

The body depicted as naysayer the shenanigans of opposition presidential campaign organisations and their political parties.

POSN accused them of outright distortion and mischievous misquoting of the former Anambra governor’s talks to discredit him.

In a statement by Onwuasoanya Jones, Director of Strategic Communication, he said rivals were scared by Obi’s proficiency on statistics and information of world economy.

Jones noted that they resort to faking his speeches and endeavoring to put words in his mouth “is a strategy by the struggling opposition”.

POSN stressed that Obi doesn’t gamble with figures and facts since he is a sharp scientist and enthusiastic searcher for answers for Nigeria’s difficulties.

Jones said Obi has continued to restructure the way politics is played by concentrating in on issues and presenting credible and workable data from developed, developing, and underdeveloped countries.

POSN taunted other 2023 candidates for “sitting lazily”, proclaiming them incompetent and unprepared for the task of the presidency.

“We challenge these disgruntled “fact checkers” and their sponsors to provide any credible evidence of Peter Obi’s speeches where he gave out any of these wrong figures.”

Jones added that the nation can work again and that with the right leadership set up, Nigerians can regain their pride of nationhood.

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