2023 Elections: Why Atiku's Emergence As PDP's Presidential Candidate Is In The Party's Best Interest - Mc Ebisco 2023 Elections: Why Atiku's Emergence As PDP's Presidential Candidate Is In The Party's Best Interest - Mc Ebisco

2023 Elections: Why Atiku’s Emergence As PDP’s Presidential Candidate Is In The Party’s Best Interest


Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the previous People’ s Democratic Party’ s Presidential (PDP) flag- bearer, would, according to all indications, throw his hat into the ring for the sixth time in his voyage into Nigeria’ s political tussle. But that isn’ t news, and it isn’ t the point of this post, which is based on my own personal ideas, comments, and observations about current events in the Party and Nigeria in general.

However, from a more in- depth perspective, the tensions plaguing the main opposition, the PDP, are not uncommon in a political or social system with competing interests.

It’ s no surprise that German political scientist and class conflict theorist Ralph Dahrendorf proposed that conflict involves manifest clashes between social forces as incompatible differences of objectives, such as a desire on both contestants’ parts to obtain what is available, wholly or in part, only to one of them.


The Reasons Why Atiku’ s Selection As The Candidate For PDP Is Ideal For The Mediation And Reconciliation In These Trying Times Are:

Atiku saw social conflict as the great creative and ever- present force that drives development, noting that societies and social structures are held together not by consensus but by constraint, not by universal agreement but by coercion of some by others.

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From attempts to depose its National Chairman, Prince Uche Secondus, who has less than three months left in office, to the ultimate scramble for his successor and multiple disagreements leading to defections to the ruling political party, the PDP appears to be heading for disaster unless an immediate consensus- building process led by none other than an able and respected pessimist is launched.

To begin with, Atiku has continuously emphasized unity in his statements to the press, stating, ” The PDP is larger than our individual goals. ” Before we talk about our aspirations, we need to first consolidate the Party. We must be careful not to play into the ruling party’ s hands.


We can’ t afford a one- party system in Nigeria that denies our people a genuine choice for true change in 2023, ” Abubakar said in a statement released on August 5th through his media aide, Paul Ibeh.

Second, Atiku had taken a boldly pragmatic step a few days before making the aforementioned assertion, and in stark contrast to many expectations, held a reconciliatory meeting with Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike- a PDP strongman with whom he had fallen out due to conflicts of interest in the Party’ s 2019 primary election.

Atiku correctly stated during their conversation at the latter’ s private residence that Nigerians are excitedly anticipating the People’ s Democratic Party’ s takeover of power at the federal level in 2023.


Indeed, Atiku, in his classic open- mindedness, did not hesitate to tell journalists that he had traveled to Port Harcourt on Party business and that he had spent the time settling sensitive problems with Governor Wike. The problems, as he had previously stated, revolved around how to maintain unity and stability inside the PDP, which he noted is crucial for the Party’ s election win in 2023.

Third, Atiku still has relevant experience in wealth creation and economy- building on his side, especially at this critical juncture in Nigeria’ s history, when the country’ s economic woes have worsened under the current leadership, with policymakers more keen on deliberately putting up figures that are out of sync with economic realities.


Nigeria needs a leader who has managed and sustained riches in 2023, not merely an elitist consumerist who could throw the country’ s already fragile economy into an unsustainable abyss.

Possible Scenarios That Could Play Out Regarding Atiku Being PDP’ s Choice As Their Presidential Candidate Ahead Of 2023

If the PDP ticket goes north in 2023, Atiku, who is from Adamawa in the north- east geopolitical zone, still has the dominant political structures and alignments across regional and party lines to give the ruling party a run for its money, especially given many Nigerians’ misgivings about the APC’ s failed promises.


On his fifth attempt in 2019, he came close to winning the presidency. He is thus best positioned to lead the PDP back to power in 2023, particularly if the Party’ s senior leaders look above self- interest and concentrate solely on returning to Nigeria’ s capital.

Atiku has demonstrated a proven ability to generate and manage riches outside of Nigeria’ s geographical limits through his numerous global enterprises and conglomerates. It’ s no surprise that his 2019 campaign focuses on our country’ s burgeoning youth unemployment.

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