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2023: Meet One Top Female Politician Who May Become PDP Governor In 2023


The People’ s Democratic Party (PDP) may make history in 2023 by being the first political party to present a woman as its governorship candidate and being the first party to make a woman a state governor. At a time gender inequality is rampant, the PDP may make a change during the next general elections.


For the past twenty years that Nigerian voters have been going to poll to elect their leaders, they have yet to cast their ballot for and elect a woman to lead a state let alone the country. The most powerful post a woman has occupied in Nigeria is the speaker of the House of Representatives (Mrs. Etteh).

The PDP can use Rivers State as the point of change. The state can be the first to produce a female governor come 2023 if everything goes well and Mr Nyesom Wike grants his weighty support for the project.


Already, the Rivers State Governor Wike has made a change by being the first Rivers State Governor to have a woman as his deputy in person of Mrs. Ipalibo Banigo. She has been deputizing Mr. Wike since 2015 when the duo were elected by the good people of Rivers State. And they have been really close with little or no rancour between them.

Mrs. Banigo is a medical expert and one of the most powerful PDP leaders in the south- south state. Of course, she was once the secretary to the state government and has been in power for long making her garner enough experience needed for the top job in Rivers State.


Definitely, all what the deputy governor needs is the support of his principal, Mr. Wike. If she gets the approval and nods, there is no way she won’ t become the state governor. The only challenge she could have is if Wike doesn’ t give his consent to the candidacy of the female politician.



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