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2023: Northern Group Reveals Those ‘Fighting’ VP Osinbajo

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The Coalition of Progressive Northern Movements (CPNM) has claimed that certain “unscrupulous elements” are “fighting” Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

In a statement, the group noted that those fighting Osinbajo are doing so for their own selfish interest and not in a bid to protect the interest of the Northern region.

Concise News reports that there have been insinuations in many quarters that Osinbajo will be replaced as the country’s Vice President.

A former Minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode has claimed that the Senior Pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly Tunde Bakare has been penciled to take over from Osinbajo.

According to the statement, these “unscrupulous elements” are sowing the seeds of discord in the presidency for their own selfish aim.

“It rather surprising that some elements, both in the strata of the All Progressives Congress and other power thirst individuals could in their wildest imagination, dive into the pool of 2023 bitter politicking in 2019, by using the Vice President as the bait of their plans,” the statement added.

“It is, however, gratifying that the plan is dead on arrival because it threatens the unity of the country.

“One wonders if these political jobbers do not engage in self-reflection, to understand that every season comes with its unique purpose.

“The time for politics has since come and gone. It is now the season of governance. Those who are yet to heal from the shock of defeat handed to them by the joint ticket of progressiveness should do so in earnest and wake up to the reality of Next Level administration of President Muhammadu Buhari and VP Osinbajo.

“We, therefore, warn the fourth columnists to desist from their distracting, callous and insensitive seeds of discord being planted which could destabilize the presidency and the country at large.

“2023 is still far, cabals in the villa should allow the administration to concentrate on consolidating the gains of the progressive government in the last four years, Nigerians want more from the APC government.”

The coalition noted that Osinbajo’s duty is to “complement and support President Muhammadu Buhari to deliver on his administration’s progressive agenda and truly take the country to the Next Level, which is he committed to do, judging from his antecedents.

“The patriotism exhibited by the VP, must have been the icing on the cake giving his transducers sleepless nights.

“It is imperative that the ‘cabals’ and other foot soldiers quickly departs from the destructive rumor-mongering of a crack in the presidency and channel their talents and energy in the productive service of the nation instead of their failed political intrigue plots.”

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