2023 POLL: APGA Makes Special Announcement Ahead Of 2023 General Election


On Sunday, a member of APGA, Dr. Ben Nwankwo, stated that the November 6 gubernatorial election of Anambra state has come and gone but there is a need for INEC to prepare for the forthcoming election in Nigeria.

In his statement, Dr. Ben Nwankwo added that he is happy that there was no form of election manipulation, vote- rigging, ballot snatching, or insecurity during the conduct of the Anambra state election.

However, he expressed worry over the failure of INEC to meet its standard as many people allegedly complained of being unable to vote as early as 8 am on November 6.

Ahead of the 2023 presidential election and other general elections in Nigeria, Dr. Ben Nwankwo urge INEC to be prepared and test runs all its equipment before the kickoff of the 2023 presidential election.

Dr. Ben Nwankwo said ” The body in charge of the election, INEC, must strive hard to ensure that it adopts a faster technology to ensure smooth conduct of future elections especially the 2023 poll. Nigeria by now should have been classified as a developed country, but we are taking steps backward. ”

” The Anambra state election will have been one of the best in recent times and everybody will have been commending INEC for that. The Security arrangement was wonderful, there was no breakdown of law and order to the best of my knowledge. ”

” However, it is sad news that the technology failed to work by not being rapid; that culminated in the loss of time, people coming out, and not getting accreditation at the right time. The procedure adopted for the election was commendable. ”

” But I believe the procedure will have been wonderful because it was accreditation, vote and go, that will have looked like what is obtainable in advanced countries of the world. But the technology was on trial and being on trial I think its effectiveness was around 30 percent. ”

” I don’ t know why it failed to work, whether it was a network issue or something else. It may be a bandwidth issue or something else. May it was heavy traffic that caused the network not to work. INEC should be improving, it should not be going back and front. ”

” The budgetary provision for INEC was enough to guarantee credit elections in the country. The budgetary provision for INEC is sufficient enough to guarantee credible and fair elections. Nigeria in the 21st century should be able to organize a hitch- free and credible poll. ”

” Also, the election environment was okay, security was fantastic because I didn’ t get to hear stories of stollen ballot boxes and didn’ t get to hear about any fight. The number of security personnel deployed was equally commendable. “

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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