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2023 Presidency: Yahaya Bello Promises Doctors Better Salary If He Is Elected


Governor Bello has stated that he intends to restructure Nigeria’ s health- care system, with improved doctor pay being a primary goal. If elected president, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State says he will revamp Nigeria’ s health sector, prioritizing competitive and timely remuneration for health employees.

Mr Bello was speaking on Saturday at the Baze University in Abuja through his Special Assistant on Youths and Students, Ahmadu Jibril, during the Nigerian Medical Students’ Association (NIMSA) International Health Summit 2021.

” Three sectors are extremely important for any country to function: the health sector, the education sector, and the security sector.

” As governor, he was able to control the COVID- 19 epidemic in such a wonderful way that we did not perish as expected. ”


” As governor, he has been able to build three ultra- modern hospitals, and as governor, he is trying to establish Nigeria’ s and West Africa’ s largest diagnostics center. ”

” How much more could we anticipate if he answers the clarion call of Nigerians if, as governor, he has improved and enhanced the salaries and incomes of our medical doctors in the State? ”


” My governor has highlighted the three most important ways we can improve the nation’ s health.

” One is manpower; I’ m willing to bet that Kogi is one of the states in the country that pays medical doctors’ wages.

” Infrastructure comes in second. My governor has created three ultramodern hospitals, which we refer to as reference hospitals, across the three senatorial districts, as a result of his love and passion for the healthcare sector.


” As well as the insurance coverage that allow federal personnel to receive medical care. ” Mr Bello remarked, ” These are some of the things we have been enjoying in Kogi State. ”

What do you think about Governor Yahaya Bello’ s promise to medical doctors, do you think he will fulfill his promise if he becomes the president of Nigeria considering the kind of reputation that precedes him?


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