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2023: See Reasons Why Southerners Should Not Endorse Any Northern Candidate For President – SAMBA


The Southern and Middle- Belt Alliance (SAMBA) says any Southern or Middle- Belt politician that is fighting for a Northern president in the upcoming 2023 presidential election has played the part of a weaker opponent as far as power is concerned, adding that such person has the mentality of a slave.


The association in a statement made on Monday and signed by Rwang Pam Jn, remain on its stand stating that it is not in the interest of Nigeria’ s unity for power to remain in the North considering the fact that a northerner is about to complete eight years of Presidency.

Some associations and groups in both the governoring party, All Progressives Congress, APC, and the opposition, party Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, have made the outcry with it members from the South and Middle- belt.


But the SAMBA group recalled that the Southern and Northern protectorates amalgamation in 1914, was based on a mutual agreement and was never with the intention that the South should play second fiddle to the North.

In his statement, he made his reason very clear, saying: ” We have observed that some Southerners and Middle- Belters, whose god is their belly, have started drumming support for Northern candidates, without consideration for their peoples’ political aspirations. To this group of people, primordial objectives and the fattening of their bank accounts seems to matter most.


” In 2015 the whole of Northern Nigeria united to support and realize the presidential ambitions of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari on the grounds that it was the turn of the North to produce the next president. For this reason, it is hypocritical to deny the South, its turn at the Presidency.

” If we recall, the threat and demand for a president of Northern extraction was so strong that the members of the then ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) were unable to campaign openly for any Southern candidates in the North. So, this begs the question; how is it now that some Southerners and Middle- Belters are against power. shift to the South?


” Following this and, even as we admit that everyone has the right under the law to support the candidate of their choice, the South’ s and Middle Belt’ s aspirations for the Presidency should not be toyed with, for selfish benefits.

The group said, ” Consequently, any Southerner or Middle- Belter drumming support for any Northern candidate in 2023 is a political slave and should be called out” .


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