2023: Two Southern Politicians Who Have Said That They Don’t Have The Presidential Ambition


As the 2023 presidential election draws closer by the day, many people are looking to the top politicians in Nigeria who are capable of ruling the country to seek the position. Aside from the endorsement of the people, several others have expressed an interest in being President of Nigeria, indicating that they may run for the position in the future.

But there are several southern leaders who have demonstrated to the world that they have no intention of running for president in 2023, which is why I will list two of them in this post.

Seyi Makinde- Oyo State Governor

When dismissing rumors that he was preparing to leave the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and run for president in the upcoming election, the incumbent Governor of Oyo State expressed his desire in not running for president in the upcoming election.

Earlier this year, he stated that he had no interest in running for president or serving as vice president in any capacity.

He stated that what is on his mind is how to be a strong leader in the party, how to effectively administer Oyo state, and how to improve the lives of the people of the state.

Nyesom Wike- Rivers State Governor

At the same time, the present Governor of Rivers State, who is also a prominent member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and of Nigerian politics in general, has stated that he has no interest in running for president at this time.

As a result of his support for Tambuwal’ s presidential ambitions in 2018/19, Wike alleges that allegations about his intentions to run for president or vice president are constantly being propagated about him.

Wike, like Seyi Makinde, has stated that he is concentrating his efforts right now on improving and simplifying life for the people of River State, and that he would not be running for president in the upcoming election.

He asserted that none of his attempts to enhance the PDP were motivated by his desire to become president in any manner, shape, or form.

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