2023: What are the plans of Church leaders toward effective Christans’ participation? - Mc Ebisco 2023: What are the plans of Church leaders toward effective Christans’ participation? - Mc Ebisco
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2023: What are the plans of Church leaders toward effective Christans’ participation?

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Those who tell us that it is too early to talk about 2023 general elections in Nigeria are deceivers who are economical with the truth. Total truth is that the politics of 2023 general elections has inseparable link with that of 2019 general elections.

In other words, the plans for 2023 polls started way back in 2019 because certain decisions were taken in 2019 with regard to the interest of 2023. Those who don’t know will know may be when it is too late, that the game of 2023 is up.

As relevant stakeholders in the Nigeria system, Church leaders should start planning on how Christians nationwide could ensure effective participation in 2023 general elections in strong terms.

The 2023 polls is an opportunity for Christians to add value into the Nigeria system by doing the followings: make case for electoral reforms before 2023, mobilize people to vote, wage war against vote buying and other forms of money politics, fight imposition of candidates on the people among political parties, stand up against election rigging and kangaroo judgement in court.

Ordinarily, Christians are the backroom force that move the system in right direction by grooming righteous people into the helm of affairs and standing strongly in defense of righteousness against evil in Nigeria, but we have a situation where most Church leaders don’t add any value to the political process in the country.

Most Church leaders are more interested in raking money from politicians than waging fight towards good governance. At best efforts some give prophesies or read address. We don’t need prophesies nor addresses, we need mechanisms.

Most leaders in Nigeria in various sectors even in the education sector like Church leaders are more interested in raking money than giving knowledge and value to the people, that is why Nigeria cannot address its ever increasing challenges. They don’t care to give knowledge and value in Nigeria.

For instance, those in Onitsha who chose to enjoy Nsala (white) soup and pounded yam during election day instead of coming out to vote are parishioners of different Churches in the city. How had those in charge of the parishes impacted on their subjects in terms of giving them political knowledge and awareness?

The Bible makes it clear in Hosea 4:6 that people perish because of lack of knowledge. This makes knowledge more important than positions because Bible never said that people perish because they don’t have Pope or Archbishop or Bishop or founder and General Overseer, Rev. Pastors or prophets and so on.

The most important thing every Church leader should always endeavour to do is to give knowledge and value to the people not to rake money from people. There is reward in heaven according to John 14:2 that’s why Jesus and His Apostles never cared about raising money to acquire earthly things.

In Biblical complexity and ambiguous circumstances Jesus Christ placed knowledge above Himself. Church leaders place themselves above knowledge. For instance Jesus wants people to look beyond what he was doing at the present.

He wants people to believe and practice the Sermon on the Mount than his physical presence because He was going away. In summary Jesus assured in John 14:12 that those who believe in Him shall do greater works than Him following the knowledge they acquire.

Simply put, Nigerians are perishing because of lack of knowledge. Christians have to.contribute in providing the knowledge needed to safeguard Nigerians and move the country to greater heights. People’s reliance on leaders who are concerned about raking money than giving knowledge have reduced them to loaves of bread and made them vulnerable to poverty, diseases, violent crimes and human wickedness. Nigerians die more as a result of human wickedness than as a result of diseases.

Money love is the bane of Christian religion in this present age. Money love has reduced Christianity to a weak vessel. Christians no longer aware of their capacity stemmed from God’s omnipotent to mountain because of love of money. It happened in 2015 that while the Moslem leaders in the north were busy giving knowledge of election participation to their subjects, Christian leaders in the south were busy raking money. We all.know the outcome of the 2015 election.

As it stands today Christians as major relevant stakeholders in Nigeria cannot point to a tangible contribution they are making towards nation building. Some will tell you that they are praying. What nonsense prayer are they talking about?. Christians are at the center of corruption in the country. They are as corrupt as others. They are also the worst victims of violent crimes in the country, so where is the result of the prayers? In John 16:33, the Bible says that we shall have peace because Jesus we believe in has overcome the world, so why should Christians continue to fall victim of violence?

It is time for Christians to rise up and build Nigeria into a peaceful and prosperous great country. This is not about making a Christian President, it is about shedding the knowledge of righteousness and enforcing righteousness in the Nigeria system.

In Habakuk 2:14, the Bible indicates that the knowledge of God’s glory shall cover the earth like water covers the sea.

What is God’s glory? God’s glory is about righteousness not a splendid building called Basilica or Catheral or Dome with thousands of people thereof. Jesus while in presence never built a Catheral but He demonstrated the glory of God to the fullest best.

For instance, Jesus’s knowledge force, majestic prowess, eloquence, vision, miracle works and unquestionable holy life marvelled both humans and spirit beings including kings, rich men, the poor, the sick, the troubled, herbalists, demons and the ordinary in the streets making them to do introspection with some given up their lives to God.

Where is the marvelous qualities of Jesus Christ among Christians on Earth generally and in Nigeria in particular?

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