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23 Year Old Yahoo Boy Runs Mad After He Failed To Perform His Own Rituals (Throwback)

The rate of crime in the 21st century is growing is of great concern. These days are gone when boys believe it is in life. It is now the era of the kind of worship or society you belong to that will determine how far you go and how rich you are over your fellow human beings. But few of you who still have the consciousness and the spirit of God in them still believe you must subdue it and hope in God for God to enrich you and your unborn generation to come.

And this search to build huge wealth and to be famous, have influence and connection has led certain African young people to engage in certain criminal activities, such as FRAUD and gangster activities. Some boys participated in the internet FRAUD called Yahoo. And they have named themselves as “Yahoo Boys.” And people are known to dope their money on the internet.


And thus in Nigeria, a 23-year-old boy has allegedly become mad after he fails to perform the rituals which his groups instructed him to perform. He is best described as unfortunate and dishearting. As they saw his cloth completely removed without showing compassion.

It was also collected that he was told to sacrifice his mother so that he grew to rank in the crew, making him earn more money, more connection and more influence. So they struck him with madness and vowed to dishonor him to the very last. Bit he refused. They kept beating him even under his condition and gave him hot slaps, but he did nothing. He was later left in a waste.

The gift the devil offers is always accompanied by devilish sacrifice. You should be careful about what you get into. Below are the incident photos.


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