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Woman Cries Out As BARBARIC Policemen Harass Her Over Pepper Spray In Her Bag; Collect N200k From Her Fiance


A lady in Enugu State has narrated the ordeal she endured when some police operatives harassed her and her fiancé in the Oji River Local Government Area of Enugu State.

The woman, whose identity is not given, stated that she and her fiancé had been in a commercial vehicle traveling along Benin/Asaba Expressway in the state when they were stopped by a team of police personnel, who asked them all to disembark from the vehicle.


The passengers came down so that the police could search their luggage. In the process of searching, the police opened her bag and found some pepper spray among her items.

When they questioned her about it, she told them that she had had it on her journeys, from the airport to security checkpoints along the road, and no one had had an issue with it.

But strangely, the policemen told her that she should have hired police escorts to protect her or, reported her possession of the pepper spray to law enforcement, instead of ” taking laws into her hands. ”

Their harassment of the lady got to a point where one of them threatened to spray the pepper mix in her face so that she could understand the danger it posed.

They bundled her into their vehicle, telling her that she would write a statement at the station. At that point, her fiancé had to intervene, begging them, but they demanded that he should ” settle” them or, they would force him to join his fiancée in going to the police station.

According to the lady, the police demanded that they pay a sum of N400, 00 to drop all charges against them. But seriously, what charges? What crime did the lady commit by having pepper spray, which is meant for an individual’ s protection?

The lady further narrated that she and her fiancé were accused of being members of IPOB. Her fiancé had to beg them while on his knees; by that time, she was already crying profusely.

This did not stop the police from bundling the couple into their car and driving them to an unknown location. The lady’ s fiancé had to start bargaining with the police while in the vehicle.

They got to a POS center where he went to get the sum of N200, 000 to pay them, while his fiancée waited in the car for him. After they paid, the police eventually let them go.

What a sad and despicable situation. What levels of brutality that an innocent couple did not deserve from the police. All because of pepper spray.

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