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3 Armed Robbers Who Killed Husband, Wife Killed By Police

Few days back we heard some criminals killed husband and wife in the presence of their kids in Umuahia, yesterday the police arrested the said hoodlums and today we nkw hear they’ve been EXECUTED?

I am confused because even Evans the Kidnapper and the Port Harcourt serial killer captured in videos are all undergoing trials, so I’m wondering how the police will arrest the boys yesterday and today they executed them in this kangaroo style..

So what time did the police take to investigate who sent the boys and why they left to collect monies and valuables but killed both husband and wife?

Early the Commissioner of police in Abia State on the radio, said that these boys will be taken to court and made to face the full weight of the law. It happened that the police didn’t take these boys to court and they decided to waste their lives…. My question is who made the police a judge. Don’t these boys have Human Rights, for me it is a violation of their Human Rights.

Yes they might have killed people, yes they might have forcefully taken hard earned money and properties from their victims. But that doesn’t stop the fact they have right, which is stated clearly in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. You don’t just waste life, every life matters.

It saddens my heart what has become of our dear country.

Jungle justice is wrong!

Every life is precious, even the life of the one who has unlawfully taken another life. That is why we have laws and the courts for adjudication.

The constitution spells out conditions under which taking a life can be deemed lawful such as self defence, execution by the state or defence of territorial integrity. Some countries have laws on mercy killing and all that.

It’s an act of cowardice for the police to shoot an armed robber, for instance, who has voluntarily disarmed and surrendered or in detention, no matter the gravity of his crime hitherto. His fate is the exclusive decision of the court. Our law enforcement agents must know when to point the barrel away from a criminal and bury their emotion at the crime scene. These extrajudicial killings are barbaric, demonic and unprofessional.

Also, our people must learn that handing over criminals to the law enforcement agencies is the way to go. We must stop public lynching and burning of criminals. It is racking up a lot of negative energies around here. A little superstition won’t hurt. I know that a lot of factors have over the years encouraged and continue to encourage our people to serve justice on the spot without waiting for the police. But the truth is that society and indeed our ability to combat criminal activities and elements suffer immesurable set backs due to the loss of the opportunity to investigate. Well, that’s why there are detectives in the force.

Say No to Jungle Justice!



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