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3 Bible Stories That Revealed Why We Should Pay Attention To Kiss.

The three stories outlined below revealed kiss can cause harm. As desirable as it is, most especially among the majority of people in the world, the Christian folks need to watch it. As we all know, it is better to learn from the mistakes of others, as one costly mistake can take one’s life.

The three stories revealed three things about kisses…

  1. A kiss can be a sign of deception.

  2. A kiss can be a sign of death.

  3. And a kiss can be a sign of betrayal.

Without much ado, let’s start with the first story, which can be found in

2 Samuel 15:1-6 kjv.


It was the story of Absalom, the son of King David, who wanted to dethrone his father. He knew everybody in the land loved his father. So, he devised a deceptive a means of stealing the hearts of the people in the land so as to accomplish his devilish mission.

Do you know the method he devised was by attending and kissing king’s visitors who sought the king leadership directive on their daily matter?

Eventually, he stole the hearts of many people in Israel just by kissing them after attending to them.

So, kiss can be a sign of deception. Watch out for it so that you won’t be deceived by unscrupulous people.

Secondly, Amasa — one of the soldiers of David — met his waterloo when he fell for a kiss. How do I mean?

In 2 Samuel 20:1-10 KJV, David called Amasa to prepare soldiers for him as Sheba led a revolt against him — this was after Absalom revolted, too.

Unfortunately, Amasa delayed David, the king. So, he sent for Joab — another commander of his — to do likewise. When Joab did as the king commanded, he met Amasa on the way and drew his beard to kiss him, thereby drawing away Amasa’s attention from the sword beside him. Immediately Amasa

was about to be kissed; Joab drew the sword out from his side and struck him dead.

Consequently, watch out for kiss, it can be employed by people who have bad mission.

Lastly, the savior of the world was betrayed with this same sign — kiss. So pathetic! Judas told them —as revealed in Matthew 26:48-50 kjv — anyone I kissed was he that should be arrested. John revealed they brought lanterns and torches. For me, I deduced Jesus was so humbled that one would hardly know him when he was with his disciples.

Never lose your mind when you are in an emotional state… it could be a sign for you to watch out.

God help us. Your Enemies will not overpower you in Jesus name.

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