3 Blocs That May Decide The Apc Presidential Running Mate.

3 Blocs that may Decide the Apc Presidential Running Mate.

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3 Blocs that may Decide the Apc Presidential Running Mate.

As the race for who will become the All Progressives Congress (APC) rages on, we take a glance at three defining power brokers that may have the final say in who becomes the party’s presidential running mate ahead of 2023.

1. President Mohammed Buhari.

While it is evident that Buhari doesn’t have the penchant to intervene in the internal affairs of the party, the issue of running mate may take a new turn as his decision may be crucial to the party’s success in 2023. He is arguably the most popular person in Apc today. And if there is anybody whose support and loyalty can win you a lottery, look no further. There is no gain in saying that everyone in Apc today is looking out for his preferred person.

2. APC Northern Governors.

Governors are mini presidents, to say the least. The conglomerate of them wields as much power as the President in a democratic setting. They are the major proponent of the Southern presidency which thou fought by cabals but still see the light of the day. Their success at convincing the party to zone its ticket to the south indicates that they are a huge market to watch out for in search of a running mate ahead of 2023.

3. The Northern Emirs and Ulamas.

The third on our list is the most silent but yet the most sorted for. The fact remains there are powerful individuals whose decisions and body language are more crucial than those at the helm of affairs. The effect of traditional rulers like Emirs and the well-to-do-Ulamas in a religious-conscious society like the north can not be overlooked in political decision-making.

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