3 Early Signs Of Heart Diseases

One of the bad sides of heart diseases is the fact that some people do not notice that they have heart issues until it has become very critical. The best way to treat heart diseases is to start medication very early and if you do not know some of the early signs of these diseases, they might take you by surprise.

In order to help you know when to start seeking medical help for heart diseases, I have listed some of the early signs below.


1) Abnormal rise in blood pressure.

One of the early signs of heart diseases is the abnormal and sudden increase in blood pressure. In order to keep track of your blood pressure level, it is important to check your blood pressure at least twice every month.

2) Swollen feet


In a situation where your heart is not pumping blood effectively, your blood vessels may backup and push excess fluids to your body tissues. This occurrence causes some parts of your body like the feet to become swollen.

3) Tiredness (weakness)

If you suddenly begin to experience weakness and find it difficult to do some of the things you used to do before, it could be a sign of heart problems.

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