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3 Good Qualities Of Pere Every Nigerian Man Should Emulate (Photos)

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The Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eyes’ season has been serving it hot and nice to viewers since it started and there has been so much drama unfolding recently.

Pere, one of the housemates of this season BBN reality TV show keeps getting highlights almost every week because of his lifestyle in the house. However, his lifestyle in the house has won the hearts of many Big Brother Naija lovers. I believe that’s why he is still on the show till now.

Regardless of what people may be thinking about Pere, I believe he possesses some good qualities every Nigerian man should emulate to win people’s hearts.

  1. Confident

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Truth be told, I haven’t seen any ‘Shine Ya Eyes’ housemates who have matching confidence as General Pere as people call him. Although Michael might have been a close competitor, he doesn’t match up to the confidence Pere has.

Pere’s confidence became very obvious in his dealings with other housemates, and the way he expressed his feelings to his alleged lover, Maria. All these show that he has confidence. I also believe this is a quality many of our men need to emulate.

  1. He is a leader

Big Brother Naija lovers will agree with me that Pere is a great leader. His reign as Head Of House showed how much of a leader he is. Pere proved that one can always get their home in order as long as one exercises power as a leader.

He showed the trait of a great leader when he ended Whitemoney’s monopoly in the kitchen. He also did not entertain any disrespect from any of the housemates. Although people misjudged his attitude for being an authoritative leader, I believe he was doing his job well as a leader. Later on, during Liquorose reign, she also realized that Pere did what he had to do to command respect and that’s agreed with him that’s what a leader should do.

  1. He knows when to talk

Pere is someone who knows when to talk and act in every circumstance. He might look like one who is fearless but one of his significant characteristics is the fact that he respects himself to the extent he doesn’t intervene much in conversations that do not concern him. He reacts to things only when he’s quite sure that his chances of being heard are high. During arguments, he waits and listens before altering a word in defence, and I think that’s a good quality one should emulate.


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